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It is normal. Apple moved the focus from Mac OS X and computers to iOS and iThings. Mac OS X is already a very mature OS although there is always room for improvement and innovation. Macintosh hardware became more mainstream after the Intel transition. All these are probably good moves for a successful company plan in the long term, but somehow the traditional momentum and enthusiasm is being lost.
Indeed, those were the days. The helianthus iMac hint on Apple's own pages was something without precedent. Now that nostalgia kicks in, I remember also the iMac G5 elevator pictures and the Apple's own leak just two or three days before the introduction of the Power Mac G5 back in 2003. What a frenzy in the forums after the desperate years with the G4! At some point Apple dropped the word "computer" from its corporate name. This was a clear sign for things to come and, I...
About possible reasons you should probably ask yourself. The iPad offers great functionality for many people, even for some professionals, so you have to carefuly think about its possible uses in your own setup. And by the way, I propose you to read this open letter from S. Jobs himself about Flash:Thoughts on Flash.
OK, nevermind, repeated quitting and relaunching Safari seems to have fixed the problem.
I have 100% CPU activity with Safari 5.0.1 when previously it was around 15% with the same windows open. How do I stop this without quitting Safari?
This question is answered here.
All available evidence at this point makes me believe that Apple has not the intention to include BR drives.
The point is that you can have both SSD + HD.
So no one noticed this? Let me quote: To give your iMac a real performance boost, configure your 27-inch iMac on the Apple Online Store with an optional 256GB solid-state drive. You can choose it as your only drive or have it installed in addition to the built-in hard drive, allowing you to store the operating system, critical applications, and important files on the solid-state drive and your other files on the hard drive. Was this available before or it is...
Well, if we talk about really minimal typing then I agree.
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