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I think he means something different, that is to go to the next level where the normal desktop and Dashboard merge. So, Dashboard would not be just an extra isolated layer on top of your Desktop without communication between the two, but a set of small utilities you can invoke and use without interrupting data transfer to and from the documents you have open on your normal Desktop. The idea is to be able to directly exchange data between Dashboard and normal applications...
An ethernet connection is still useful in Europe. In all hotels I was until last year the wireless connection was restricted to the lobby. In the rooms there was only cabled connection. I cannot of course tell if it was a coincidence or not. On the other hand, what you say is the solution I have in mind when I buy a MBA for travel. It is that simple.
By the way, here are the XQuartz mailing lists, for anyone interested to join.
Thanks for the informative post. I had no idea that Lion handles files like that. Although I cannot assess it right away without using it for some time first, it looks worrisome.
X11 is quite widespread in academia and the scientific world with a plethora of applications written specifically for it. The Macintosh presence in those areas has increased considerably during the last years, from what my own and other colleagues' personal experience can tell. I have no idea though about actual numbers and I believe that proportionally we (X11 users) are still a niche.I use XQuartz since many years ago and in some way I am glad that Apple decided to...
Probably, but it is also a little bit more subtle than this. For most people, computing is centered around internet and without up to date web browsers you are out in the cold, partly at least. Having the latest OS version will guarantee that you will have the most recent software updates also. So, OK, Apple is not forcing you to update but you will end up doing it anyway because ... this is how it is. It is called evolution. Apple so far allowed Macs of up to 4-5 years...
Personally I don't care; I was just replying to the other poster.
I don't think it will be free but I would not be surprised if it was cheaper than Lion, since this is essentially an iOS-feature port.
Not surprising given that the new OS consists majorly in porting iOS features to the Macintosh. Or so the corresponding Apple page lets me think. This leaves me totally indifferent since I don't own an i-device. Only thing that I find interesting is the new security policy. It seems OK on paper but we will see what it gives in practice.
These benchmarks may also give you an idea about the performance of various Macbook models.
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