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The point was not about glossy in general but about the displays in the earlier Macbooks that happened also to be glossy. They were horrible: color rendering, viewing angle, brightness, all horrible. Difference like day and night compared to the Macbook Pro's. I still keep this Macbook and I have first hand experience.
OK but should it be possible for a simple user to change passwords, even with physical access to the machine? I say no, for such operations always an admin password should be required, at the very least. I am curious to see what Apple will do about it.
This rumor is in alignment with the late-2011 iMac leak in a technical note from Apple. So I think there must be some truth in it and probably both the MBP and the iMac will get some minor updates before the end of this year.
Congratulations on your purchase and enjoy your all new iMac! Just one comment on something you said previously:It is not a purist's point; not at all. It is a completely practical and ergonomic issue here. As long as we humans keep the physical form we have today, and the desktop displays stand vertically, touchscreens make little to no sense at all. Maybe they would be useful for some limited applications (we see them in shops for example) but they cannot replace what we...
I already said it: just curious. It is not scolding, as you falsely assume.
Still the question remains and it becomes pertinent by the fact the you are a Mac user. How was it possible to miss the Intel transition that happened in the meantime? Don't you read the news about the Macintosh? Just curious.
This could be true long ago but not anymore. And it is not Apple but the general technological evolution forcing you to upgrade. You cannot keep a computer for five years or more and expect it to run flawlessly under any situation like it did in the begninning. The most notable example is the ubiquitous internet. It taxes more and more the CPUs and on top of that, it may need software that will never be available for older Mac OS X versions. I have a black Macbook which...
I know it is not just a translator. And regardless of how much complex Rosetta is, testing and cost to maintain it do not hold water as arguments. Apple could easily keep Rosetta and even make money from it by selling it from its store as an OS X add-on. People would groan and moan by being "forced" to buy it while it was free before, but those really in the need would end up buying it. But then this would mean that Apple tolerates software stagnation from the...
Of course we are forced to upgrade. It is called evolution. Software and internet are not stationary, so we just don't have the luxury to not upgrade. The solution at this point is to keep an old machine around for the more or less frequent use of old software.
Cool. At least we have this.
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