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Is THAT bad? Force you to watch things you don't want and were not meant to? Probably it makes little to no difference for TV junkies though.
Besides functionality, your best bet for gaming is wired peripherals, unless I missed something lately.
Yes, I consider the Mac Pro as a workstation-class machine. The iMac is for the masses and that amount of graphics memory was not available before.
You don't need them. The wireless Apple keyboard is more practical and it is probably conceived that small for that reason (using it in unusual positions like while on the couch).
Exactly. Everyone wanting a touch-screen Mac missed the most fundamental point: this kind of technology is appropriate for small devices only. No way to do all kinds of UI manipulations from a sitting position by touching a 27" screen for hours.
Was not that obvious since... long ago? However I think the iMac is still a solid computer. And if I am not mistaken, this is the first time a mainstream Apple computer gets 1 GB of memory for graphics (27" model).
This is a mid summer update... what woud you expect more?
OK, that's it. European stores are already down.
That may be the reason. Also, if I remember correctly, Safari does not auto-complete fields in secured web pages (https), although I cannot tell if this is due to a Safari feature or to something coded in the page.
It is many years since I get unsolicited telemarketing on my home phone line, personally addressed to me. It is very annoying and has obviously nothing to do with such vulnerabilities in web browsers. Companies have other and more sure means to collect personal information, with the most obvious being the telephone directory. That one is not going to disappear auto-magically after a security update.Here I agree but I don't see much potential for harm. Hopefully it will be...
New Posts  All Forums: