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OK, Apple Store is down. New iMacs?
 I am really sorry to hear that. This kind of illness is the worst that can happen in your life. How are you doing now? I know personally one woman that had it also many years ago. She was lucky to have it diagnosed in an early stage. She is fine today.
 What happened? If you don't mind me asking.
 This is what I thought also but the European reality has been proved much more complex.
 The meaning of the resources argument, from my point of view at least, is not financial. Obviously there is ample cash to spend. The point is that Apple does not want to spend for such reasons. They proved it years ago, as I mentioned before, in the case of the pair OS X - iOS development. They had already tons of new cash each year in order to expand their developer teams, if they wanted to. Instead, they chose to move developers around according to the needs. They...
Off topic: I heard the same thing about some Balkan countries as well. Much cheaper than EU zone, but also (much?) more risky from a sanitary point of view. What about Hungary? Is it considered good enough by EU standards in this sector?
 They won't let that happen. See the example of Greece.
 Apple does not want to choke to death.
 I hope so. We don't know though how popular the mini is for Apple to proceed to a radical redesign. I would love to see a machine with more easily accessible internals, taking clues from the new Mac Pro.
 Exactly. I remember the software counterpart of this. Some years ago when iOS was under heavy development and Mac OS X was clearly neglected, there was word that the reason behind it was the reassignment of the company's developers. Over time, and once iOS reached enough maturity, some balance was established and now we are back at regular OS X updates. Obviously I am only highlighting the limited resources effect. What will really happen with the mini is up to Apple.
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