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 I am afraid that it is way too early for this kind of change. Let's not forget that the current iMac design is not even two years old and for many months Apple had trouble to get out enough machines to meet demand.
I don't see the interest in such an iMac model. It will be very expensive, well into the Mac Pro territory, and then what? You will have to throw away after 3-5 years maximum the machine together with a perfect 4K (or more) display? Or try to sell it? It will still be expensive because of the display while the rest of the computer will be obsolete. No matter how you look at it, it does not make sense today for an all-in-one computer.
 When I read about translucency, I also feared that the Windows 7 horror was coming to OS X. Then I watched the part of the keynote where this was demoed. I can say that the Apple implementation is much better. Granted, I don't see the point to have transparency in the left pane. But even if it stays, it is sufficiently discreet to not become a serious problem.
Quote: There are many features mostly useful in a professional environment. You can have a look at the corresponding wiki entry for details. As far as the common user is concerned, here are the highlights: protection against data corruption (involving continuous integrity check and automatic repair), very efficient snapshots, vast performance improvements, pooled storage model, encryption. Apple apparently saw the great potential of ZFS and was actively involved in porting...
Great, thank you so much PopinFRESH!
 I have not watched the keynote. For some reason it does not load properly. Since you seem to know, could you describe in a few words how it works and, most importantly, if it is invasive/annoying?
Please guys, stop attacking and calling names other members of the forum because they say something different. This place used to be a very nice forum in the past. Let's make an effort to keep it polite and civilized. It is easy.
 I think the file system can be a great selling point today. It depends on the features. Other file systems (and from what I remember that was the case of ZFS that died suddenly while it was ported to the Mac) can ensure a much higher level of data integrity, bringing other nice features as well. Of course this does not eliminate the need for backups, but securing the user's data in the best possible way should be of prime priority.  Indeed. Apple seems more focused than...
 Well, although I agree generally, no one can predict what the future in personal computing will exactly be. Perhaps, when miniaturization, storage and performance will advance even more, all we will need as a computer will be the equivalent in volume of a matches box, that can be taken away everywhere and just be connected to some display and input devices in order to load a full-fledged operating system. But for now, I also understand that many users settle for tablets...
 This is true for any company wanting to stay alive and thrive. I would not like to see the mini go away. In fact, I was planning to buy one later this year but I am not going to pay these prices for almost 2 years old hardware.
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