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 Exactly. I remember the software counterpart of this. Some years ago when iOS was under heavy development and Mac OS X was clearly neglected, there was word that the reason behind it was the reassignment of the company's developers. Over time, and once iOS reached enough maturity, some balance was established and now we are back at regular OS X updates. Obviously I am only highlighting the limited resources effect. What will really happen with the mini is up to Apple.
Should not this thread be in Future Apple Hardware?
 The "Future Apple Hardware" section of the forum is traditionally the place to discuss rumors. The difference is that in the past there were some credible sources, the rumors were actual leaks and the discussions were much more interesting. Remember Think Secret? They had inside info that was often picked up here igniting densely crowded long discussions. Those days are over after Apple shutting down TS and plugging leaking holes, but the focus of this section has not...
 If Apple is really going to increase the resolution, then I believe that a larger display (> 30") for the iMac is quite probable.
Yes, there is indeed this issue. Not sure what kind of GPU would be needed to push so many pixels at acceptable frame rates. The iMac has mobile GPU, which would be perhaps sufficient for general use, but what about games? Apple, and any other company for that matter,  likes to show increased performance when updating a computer system. On the other hand, many photo/video professionals use iMacs when they cannot afford or justify the expense for a Mac Pro. So, would not it...
 I am afraid that it is way too early for this kind of change. Let's not forget that the current iMac design is not even two years old and for many months Apple had trouble to get out enough machines to meet demand.
I don't see the interest in such an iMac model. It will be very expensive, well into the Mac Pro territory, and then what? You will have to throw away after 3-5 years maximum the machine together with a perfect 4K (or more) display? Or try to sell it? It will still be expensive because of the display while the rest of the computer will be obsolete. No matter how you look at it, it does not make sense today for an all-in-one computer.
 When I read about translucency, I also feared that the Windows 7 horror was coming to OS X. Then I watched the part of the keynote where this was demoed. I can say that the Apple implementation is much better. Granted, I don't see the point to have transparency in the left pane. But even if it stays, it is sufficiently discreet to not become a serious problem.
Quote: There are many features mostly useful in a professional environment. You can have a look at the corresponding wiki entry for details. As far as the common user is concerned, here are the highlights: protection against data corruption (involving continuous integrity check and automatic repair), very efficient snapshots, vast performance improvements, pooled storage model, encryption. Apple apparently saw the great potential of ZFS and was actively involved in porting...
Great, thank you so much PopinFRESH!
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