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No, as I explained it is more profound than this. No matter how good a watch made by Apple may be, it is going to be a mini computer needing regular recharging, not just a watch. This concept is of zero interest for me personally. I hope other people will enjoy it though.
Simple: I don't want anymore to bother changing batteries in a watch due to cost and uncertainty (you cannot know when exactly will stop). On the other hand, having to charge it regularly is completely out of question for me. It is a huge inconvenience. My watch hardly ever leaves my wrist. As I said, I chose a model powered by light. Anything less is not going to get my attention.
Very pertinent comment. I cannot imagine charging a watch regularly. Even changing the battery once per year in current classic watches is too much because, with 10-15 euros for each change, in a few years you pay the price for a new one. This is why I bought a light-powered analog watch last year. If it does not break, it will never need service.
Not only it worked, but it still works and the communication quality is so much better today than in mobile phones. Each time I receive at my fixed (wired) phone at home a call from someone using a mobile one, I am like about the audio. Of course the fault is not in my side because I never have this problem with normal wired phones As you can expect, I still refuse to buy a mobile phone.
Telephone is a composite word: from tele (meaning far away) plus phone (meaning voice). So yes, a telephone is a telephone as long as it transmits your voice far away.
Crucial list their RAM as CL=11. Same value for the more expensive OWC's memory, which moreover adds "Meets and/or Exceeds Apple/Intel Specifications". Where can I see Apple's RAM rating?
This is true if you stay within the 8-16 GB range. For example, the upgrade of the iMac 17" to 16 GB of RAM costs €137.99 in Crucial and €200.00 in the Apple Store. This is about 46% more expensive in the Apple side. I will admit it is not that bad. But going to 32 GB, will cost €275.98 in Crucial and a whopping €600.00 in the Apple Store. This is 117% more expensive! Fortunately, the iMac RAM is user accessible. Regarding SSD's, I understand that they will be expensive...
Apple makes computers also. Although we cannot know the exact prices for everything, we know them for RAM and storage. And compared to what you can find in retail they are outrageous even today. And let's say that RAM is not really an issue because it is often user accessible. What about SSD? In the 256-1000 GB range the retail price is usually about $0.5/GB. In the Apple Store it is about $1/GB. Not 20% higher, not 50% higher but 100% higher.
What most people seem to miss regarding built-in RAM, is this. When all the available memory is used, the operating system starts paging out. With a common spinning hard drive, this causes a significant slowdown of the system. But with today's SSD in the MBA, the impact on system responsiveness is limited and likely to go unnoticed by the average user. Apple knows this very well, this is why they offer the minimum they can in system memory.
 In fact, what is telling is that iMovie HD 6 is still available for download from Apple! They know very well that they totally ruined it with iMovie 2008 and the updates that followed. I cannot tell about the current version though since I have yet to try it out.
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