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Exactly. This is what the low end Mac Pro should cost with a display. It is a while now that the high end iMac is more or less in the same league as the low end Mac Pro in terms of raw CPU/GPU power. For example, the late 2012 high end iMac can beat even the 6-core 3.33 GHz MP, which is not a low end model but it sits in the middle of the range. The added value of the Mac Pro was the internal expandability, and the much more material needed to build it. Both are gone...
I think this is a crucial point in the whole approach. Apple already touts the new machine as the most expandable ever. So better be it, by offering lower cost configurations. Remember the old Power Macintosh G3/G4? The base configurations were available at $1600. Given the storage trade-offs in the new machine, and possibly others also depending on the degree of integration of the parts (yet to be revealed), Apple needs absolutely to offer at least one configuration...
I see what you mean. But Xeons are very expensive; aren't there other CPU options?   Also, does it really need two high-end GPUs to run? Finally, using a slower SSD with less capacity can have a dramatic impact on price.   Me too.
Haha, cylinder only! Including the basic array of internal components of course.
These are my thoughts, more or less. But I wish an entry configuration at 1800-2000 euros (for the box only) be possible. The physical dimensions of this machine would allow it to serve the non-pro segment that has above average computing needs, if Apple decides to put inside somewhat slower components in order to keep the price under check.   With today's technology, this machine can be the mythical xMac for everyone and the high-performance Mac Pro in one package,...
Exactly my thoughts. What kind of survey could you have about an ... unknown produt?!
Not surprising. They have the highest level acrobatics tradition in this world.
Exactly. Also, Apple hired many years ago file system engineers and everyone thought that a new file system would come out soon. And guess what, it is still HFS Plus.
I see now that the new iMacs also have the image retention problem, like the retina MBPs. Is anyone here experiencing this?   What a bummer. Really. This kind of hardware problem is unacceptable and Apple says it is normal. I wanted a new iMac later in the year as a home machine, but if they don't solve this problem, I am not going to pay this amount of money. I fear that I may end up with a Windows machine, which I really hate to happen to me.
Well, it depends. If you keep your machines for many years, then the turbocharged high end model may be a better choice. This is what I do anyway and I have not regret it so far. Just don't buy RAM from Apple; there are other options for a fraction of the Apple price, especially if you intend to max it out.
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