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Very risky during handling and transport. Imagine those tubes starting rolling after a bump ...
This is indeed a good idea. I would like to be offered the possibility to configure at will such a cylinder, from the Mini up to the Pro specifications, and just add a monitor to it. What I don't know is how strong the all-in-one approach is still going in Apple. With all the i-devices, and especially with the new Pro concept, they seem to move to a more modular design. But I am afraid the thinned-out iMac form is too new to be phased out so quickly.
Listen up, no one is or has to be inside your mind. When you answer to a user comment about next versions of OS X by just quoting "OS XI" without adding a single word, you imply that you too talk about OS X. And as of now, the rumor says OS X v10.10 after Mavericks (which is OS X v10.9). Also, I don't see the meaning of the second part of your post. What do you mean when you first quote "OS XI" and then that this refers to "what comes after"?
It looks like that would rather be OS X 10.10 Syrah.
This is perhaps a good thing. I say it in the sense that Apple is walking away from the classic update pattern to something more flexible, hopefully having as goal to silently update their computers with newer components, even minor, without making a fuss about it. This is something people were looking for since a long time; just put the new parts in, when available, without waiting for a significant update, which would warrant organizing a special event about it.
Do you mean this will be the price for the base configuration?
So buy one. I am also considering this possibility, to have it as a home machine serving non-stop all family members, with whatever everyone has to throw at it. But it depends on price also.
I read that there are video/audio professionals that move regularly their Mac Pro's out for work. I don't know how common it is but there are definitely cases like that. Such people will love the new Mac Pro.   It looks like whatever has everyone in his head, oops, mind.
I definitely missed that post.Anyway, I am not going to ask rights of intellectual property about it. The thing speaks by itself. It is just the fact that the name Mac Pro attracts all kinds of pro's, each one with his arguments and heat, and all forget to think about the obvious.
New Posts  All Forums: