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 I think you mean "Rentals" not "Sales"  ;) Ahh, the good old days of owning the Adobe collection... and so Affinity was born.
The art director/designer must've been ready to go home when the boss told them to make an Apple garage in Photoshop...
Keep the Apple news coming...
Backup. Backup. Backup... Drives are cheap. Bugs can be expensive.
Love or hate Google, I can't wait for Google Fiber to roll out in more cities. $70 a month for 1,000 Mbps. Or the standard 25Mbps for free ($300 one-time install). Yes please. Then it's later to Comcast. (I don't watch regular cable anyway)
Whoa, I read "automated Aids" at first... whew.
One day they will have an iPhone made with no chemicals. 100% organic. And then when you're done with it, you can eat it...... Well it sounded like a good idea for 5 seconds.
I agree in that I hope they offer the existing size. I don't care for a larger phone. I could even go a bit smaller (like 4S but thinner would be cool). I keep it in my pocket, and I don't want to have to shove a larger phone (phablet? ugh) into my pocket.
Good kids. Gold star for the day.
 It's a class-action suit. If it was Apple vs. a single party, then it'd be a different story. If the lawyers were bad at their job, they would have lost. Besides, if the lawyers actually got that much greater a percentage of the money, it would've been obviously overly ludicrous. That would be kind of like getting your paycheck and having 85% in taxes taken out and saying Uncle Scam did a great job.
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