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I'm old enough to remember what the patterns are but the younger generations won't know what it is. The logical guess would say most will think it means gay pride. Nothing wrong with gay pride, but it seems there could be all kinds of mixed interpretations with these ads. If Apple meant to say "there's nothing on TV" as some have mentioned on the net, I think it'd be stronger to show the old school TV "snow" which would probably make people more curious (especially those...
I can see why they chose a white surface for he trackpad, but I wonder if it will "dirty up" over time like the old white macbooks did. It'd be nice to introduce a black / space grey option (keys included). Surprised they already haven't matched the black keys as they are on the macbooks. Hey, black keys matter...
And they are known for smoking a great peace pipe. Makes sense.
Hey Neil, if not closing apps works for you, great. Not everyone's situation is the same. Closing apps that do drain my battery are getting shut down. Because they drain my battery.
 I think you mean "Rentals" not "Sales"  ;) Ahh, the good old days of owning the Adobe collection... and so Affinity was born.
The art director/designer must've been ready to go home when the boss told them to make an Apple garage in Photoshop...
Keep the Apple news coming...
Backup. Backup. Backup... Drives are cheap. Bugs can be expensive.
Love or hate Google, I can't wait for Google Fiber to roll out in more cities. $70 a month for 1,000 Mbps. Or the standard 25Mbps for free ($300 one-time install). Yes please. Then it's later to Comcast. (I don't watch regular cable anyway)
Whoa, I read "automated Aids" at first... whew.
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