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The best thing is that it does not "require a batteries."
 It's called "learning." And when you have billions of #cashmoneymoneyhoney to spend on said "learning" then you will eventually, and quickly, know a little something about said product.
Wallstreet can suck a duck. Yes I know the "I" is next to the "U"
Yawn. Who cares. As long as he does a good job running Apple.
I heard they're working on a cover for the cover.
I only need to use part of my brain to figure out for myself, in real-time, what I'm putting in my body. And it costs me nothing.
Athletes have been doing doing this for years. Nothing new here. They just want money, and would be happy to "endorse" any product as long as it brings a paycheck.
It's not an excessive fine. It's in proportion to what they supposedly owe. Apple needs to pay their full taxes, too. Besides, big companies already get big tax breaks, the normal working people don't. All for the cash.
Damn. Now Dre is definitely not finishing his album.
Hmmm. Here's one for thought: What would be better? If Apple bought Google or if Google bought Apple?
New Posts  All Forums: