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One day they will have an iPhone made with no chemicals. 100% organic. And then when you're done with it, you can eat it...... Well it sounded like a good idea for 5 seconds.
I agree in that I hope they offer the existing size. I don't care for a larger phone. I could even go a bit smaller (like 4S but thinner would be cool). I keep it in my pocket, and I don't want to have to shove a larger phone (phablet? ugh) into my pocket.
Good kids. Gold star for the day.
 It's a class-action suit. If it was Apple vs. a single party, then it'd be a different story. If the lawyers were bad at their job, they would have lost. Besides, if the lawyers actually got that much greater a percentage of the money, it would've been obviously overly ludicrous. That would be kind of like getting your paycheck and having 85% in taxes taken out and saying Uncle Scam did a great job.
The best thing is that it does not "require a batteries."
 It's called "learning." And when you have billions of #cashmoneymoneyhoney to spend on said "learning" then you will eventually, and quickly, know a little something about said product.
Wallstreet can suck a duck. Yes I know the "I" is next to the "U"
Yawn. Who cares. As long as he does a good job running Apple.
I heard they're working on a cover for the cover.
I only need to use part of my brain to figure out for myself, in real-time, what I'm putting in my body. And it costs me nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: