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I wouldn't want my alarm to whack me! Is the alarm now part of the mafia?
Exactly. They think that when the masses hear the word "innovation" they'll think, "oooh cool, we're part of something big and innovative" and will shell out extra dollars for something that shouldn't cost shit in the first place. But, for most people, they're right. Yet another small step towards a non-private, no-options world.
Agreed that if one was drunk they wouldn't even bother with these apps in the first place. Also they're not really meant for drunk people. They're meant for people who want to get a heads up that they might be stopped for the monthly check that cops need to do for their "quota". Just another way for government to try to control what people can and cannot do. They figure people are dumb enough to comply with doing things like going through heavy-radiation, privacy-invading...
Agreed! That is FUG. If Apple's part of it, at least get the designers to put in their 2 cents. But wait, the glass would easily break...
"the science in the hospital is the highest level of science that's done in the world." The general public might think so.
Murdoch basically owns the media and controls the news. Great, now he's directly connected to Jobs. Hopefully Steve isn't gonna get sucked deeper into the control thing.
Lame. If a customer complains because of any dead pixels, the product should be repaired. Period. My iPhone has a row of dead pixels that just appeared and they want to charge me $99 to fix it. I'd even pay for it if it wasn't half the price of a new phone. I'm getting tired of Apple always dangling that carrot in our face.
this is only a simple version. Imagine what's coming... http://www.engadget.com/2008/03/19/r...with-8-reader/
100% agree. The more tracking technology we have built into ANYTHING, the more we give up our privacy and freedom. Besides, there is ALWAYS a hacker out there who can figure out how to get any info he/she wants. Period. I can already feel their brain working to figure out how to get your private info while connected to one of these public Macs. I've already heard horror stories of people with portable RFID scanners (you can buy them online) in places like grocery stores,...
New Posts  All Forums: