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"Using a cover, iPhone 4 performed even better"... Design flaw (one shouldn't have to use a cover). Apple really? I'm not even going to get into it.
Apple should have engineered/designed a better solution. Whether it's a clear coating or another way to solve the issue. Apple shouldn't suggest using a bumper as a fix. But they should give one to everyone who spent $200 - $300 for their phone and have to deal with reception issues and have to watch how they hold the phone (which is ridiculous). And it's a shame they're telling store managers to use politics to try and ease the pain of the issue. LAME. I am so glad I...
First of all, why would you do that? Spending $200 - $300 for a phone that shouldn't have any design issues (we should be going forward, not backward) just to paint nail polish on!?!?! That's ghetto.Second of all, nail polish will just come off quickly anyway. And your pockets/pants/hands will smell like nail polish.
Run-on sentences are fun.
I was going to get my iPhone today but something tells me this is going to be an issue. I really want it but I think I'm gonna have to wait to see what happens. It seems Apple didn't think too much about skin-to-metal from the issues I've been reading/hearing about so far. Apple should have made something like a clearcoat on the metal, so the metal would still be seen (for visual design) and the skin would not come in contact with it. That should be problem solved....
But what if you're keeping your existing iPhone AT&T plan (no changes) and simply getting the new iPhone? They shouldn't need to do another credit check.
I'm not concerned about a test with no specifics. So FAIL on that. BUT... $30 for a piece of rubber/plastic that Apple puts out the same time as the iPhone 4?? Um, Apple please have your genius engineers build a protective rim into the iPhone in the first place. Thanks. Again, $30 ?!?! Eat it!
I hope we don't see MSN Maps or some shit like that. Ugh.
I used to be all about Google until they started getting too much control. I guess that's the game now. Now I could care less who runs the search engines and maps. As long as it works well then I'm good. BTW, LOOSE does not equal LOSE. Google it, er, um, search it.
Ditto that. And simply being positive can do wonders for people. I send positive vibes towards him and his family.
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