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Who gives a crap whether he personally paid for it or the company paid for it? Maybe the shareholders didn't want to spend cash to upgrade and SJ wanted to. And yeah Apple would make it 5 pieces of glass if they could. One day they will. Simmer down.
Yeah Google isn't going anywhere. The next thing we'll have is Google Microchips implanted in babies. GPS tracking from day one.
For now, just turn off the automatic date and time setting. I found this to save a bit on the battery.
Not such a bad design but that shit would slide all over the place without a rubberized cover. Very little surface area when resting on a table - worse on an inclined surface.
I think souls travel after they leave a physical body. I wonder what new body SJ's soul will end up in. Imagine - some new kid out there, at any time, could be SJ. Just an interesting thought. RIP and travel well, SJ.
um. ok.
Maybe these companies mean well, but I'm sure someone is paying someone to keep loopholes open. Not buying Google's part of it. Companies will always want to have an eye on users and data. And the more cash they have the more data they can get.
Wow! $16?! Yet another reason why I'd like to move across the pond. Just curious, what does a plan with more minutes cost?
I wouldn't want my alarm to whack me! Is the alarm now part of the mafia?
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