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It's the next logical step in the evolution timeline. The whole touch-screen thing was weird for many people at first but they get used to it and actually think it's better/more productive. I'm sure they would let the user use both touchscreen and input device (mouse, wacom tablet, etc.) - at least during the transition. Also I think people are so used to mouse-clicking that most can't get their head around the idea of hand-touch only. Apple has already been working on...
Remember it's only 720p, not 1080p. So for those with a large 1080p TV/screen, the picture won't look as clean. But most people with smaller TVs/screens probably won't notice.
"Apple responded by stating that all smartphones experience some form of attenuation when held in a certain way. " Wow. What a load of shit. Apple just keeps pushing it. Hey Steve Jobs, just man up and say you guys really screwed up with a design flaw, fix the hardware, make customers happy again and move on. Done.
What a waste of money. $500M could help people instead of going towards a campaign that won't help with a lame product. Fuck Microsoft.
LOL no doubt!... Right Apple, pressing one physical button is going to "confuse customers." Give me a break.
It's not hard but that isn't the point. When one has to hold the phone a certain way, it's going backwards as far as engineering. And, yes, it sucks to have to always be aware of holding the phone a certain way, especially when one didn't have to do that before. Yes Apple could and should have done something like put a clearcoat on the metal to insulate skin touching, but they didn't. It's kind of like buying a car but one can't put their hands on the steering wheel in a...
After I upgraded to OS4, my 3G feels slooooowwwwwww. Anyone know a solution for downgrading?
Some people don't like cases and would rather see the pure design of the iphone. I wouldn't want a free case but a correctly-engineered iphone. It should have less dropped calls, without the case. So glad I didn't buy the 4.
I use to subscribe to Consumer Reports and, over time, realized they just aren't that thorough with a lot of their testing. Very old school it seems to me. I don't trust them anymore.
"Using a cover, iPhone 4 performed even better"... Design flaw (one shouldn't have to use a cover). Apple really? I'm not even going to get into it.
New Posts  All Forums: