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Haha no doubt. This should have been done a long time ago. Yawn...
Voice recording for free?!? I did a search for "Google Voice" in the app store but nothing came up, only the "Google Mobile App." Where is it?
There's nothing wrong with an app for cannabis patients. A lot of people have a "marijuana is bad but I'm not sure why" issue. Let's get educated, people. Hark on big tobacco companies for putting chemicals in cigarettes if you want to use your energy wisely. As far as the recording legality - well I guess most companies will have to stop recording/monitoring calls for "customer service" or "employee training" or "quality assurance." We should have the right to record our...
The fact that Apple uses "Designed by Apple in California" is interesting. There's a reason why they have to mention California. To keep people's minds in the US and not on overseas/production issues (at least that's part of it). I think it also implies that the products are made in California. Think about it. They simply could use "Designed by Apple".
Yep, slaves. Most don't even know it.
Does your mom have video to prove it?(Hey you started it!)But I agree it goes both ways.
1. Apple needs to lower the costs of it's plans to make people happy and get more customers. 2. AT&T needs to be prepared technically for any new business venture they join. Apple and AT&T need to learn some lessons and let's hope they will.
Of course it's perfect timing to "announce" that they're doing this, right before the next iPhone. It's getting rid of inventory if you ask me. A smart move by Apple.
close to the Louvre. money, money, money.
Nice! Or something like "iPlay™" or "iGame™"... Actually it'd be nice to cut the iCrap out.
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