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I'm not concerned about a test with no specifics. So FAIL on that. BUT... $30 for a piece of rubber/plastic that Apple puts out the same time as the iPhone 4?? Um, Apple please have your genius engineers build a protective rim into the iPhone in the first place. Thanks. Again, $30 ?!?! Eat it!
I hope we don't see MSN Maps or some shit like that. Ugh.
I used to be all about Google until they started getting too much control. I guess that's the game now. Now I could care less who runs the search engines and maps. As long as it works well then I'm good. BTW, LOOSE does not equal LOSE. Google it, er, um, search it.
Ditto that. And simply being positive can do wonders for people. I send positive vibes towards him and his family.
"Shareholders also voted down proposed environmental measures..." Yeah screw the environment. Let's just focus on money. [Sarcasm] It wouldn't surprise me if many shareholders don't even own Apple products.
Some designers do design only, while some can design AND develop Flash. For those who can't, they simply hire a developer to work with. So, yes, web designers have developed all-Flash sites, including myself and other designers I know, mainly because at the time, some things Flash offered couldn't be done any other way. It doesn't mean it was fun though! ...Flash had it's day... Looking forward to seeing what HTML5 does.
As soon as Steve Jobs announced the pricing, I thought it was about $100 too much (on each version). Obviously companies can charge anything they want, but if they knocked $100 off the price for each one, they'll have tons more people buying it.
Really doesn't matter who gets on the cover of a magazine. It's just a "wow" factor to get people to buy more magazines. The money spent on that magazine would be better spent being donated to a charity. Done.
Really?? So if one can't preview songs, why even bother to call it Preview, especially if one has to go to iTunes anyway to preview a song? I smell lameness.
A second Amen.
New Posts  All Forums: