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As soon as Steve Jobs announced the pricing, I thought it was about $100 too much (on each version). Obviously companies can charge anything they want, but if they knocked $100 off the price for each one, they'll have tons more people buying it.
Really doesn't matter who gets on the cover of a magazine. It's just a "wow" factor to get people to buy more magazines. The money spent on that magazine would be better spent being donated to a charity. Done.
Really?? So if one can't preview songs, why even bother to call it Preview, especially if one has to go to iTunes anyway to preview a song? I smell lameness.
A second Amen.
Super Duper works well too. Been using it for years with great results.
"if you aren't selling enough records as an indy to afford this type of production, then YOU PROBABLY DONT NEED IT" --- I agree somewhat on this. Even though some peeps know (interactive) designers who won't charge the price of a small car. Plus Apple isn't going to make it mandatory to spend $10k for indie bands. That would turn away tons of music and some profits for Apple. Only if Apple wants to be the Walmart (please NO!) of selling online tunes then it'll get...
People will pay extra money just to have more prying eyes on them. Might as well have a sign that says, "Slavery - SIgn Up Here."
Haha no doubt. This should have been done a long time ago. Yawn...
Voice recording for free?!? I did a search for "Google Voice" in the app store but nothing came up, only the "Google Mobile App." Where is it?
There's nothing wrong with an app for cannabis patients. A lot of people have a "marijuana is bad but I'm not sure why" issue. Let's get educated, people. Hark on big tobacco companies for putting chemicals in cigarettes if you want to use your energy wisely. As far as the recording legality - well I guess most companies will have to stop recording/monitoring calls for "customer service" or "employee training" or "quality assurance." We should have the right to record our...
New Posts  All Forums: