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Exactly! The lawyers win in the end - NOT Apple or customers. We have way too many issues to fix on this planet and people have unfortunately come to worrying about some scratches on plastic. It doesn't even affect the music!! We should have a "you-can't-sue-over-stupid-shit" law. Those millions of dollars could help a lot of people who need it.
I'm right there with you. I've been a diehard Mac user from the beginning. I hate to say it but I feel like some screws are loose at Apple. I can only hope that things don't go down the crapper.
The single fact that you have to use a stylus (other than being unoriginal) makes this thing lame.
Great. Now let's get ALL of our soldiers home and safe. It'd be great to stop spending/wasting more money on unnecessary war.
Speaking of this, check out on YouTube "7/7 London Bus Bomb Witness - Inside Job PROOF" (5 parts)
THE ADVERTISING WORLD! Welcome to America!
Well it was brought to Steve Jobs in a round-about way. Just like George Lucas and Spielberg (you think they made that stuff up?! ).
Um, you'll be going in a loop then... The mind control patrol has got you!
So I went to the Apple store in Atlanta when it opened just to notice that there were around 500 people in line (queued - whatever). I asked one Apple employee if they have enough 16 GB black in stock so that if I wait in this horrendous line, it would be worth my while. He paused then said in a car salesman kind of way, "Oh don't you worry buddy! I'm gonna sell you a phone today!" and then he walked away. So not only did he not answer my question but pretty much talked at...
For "The Bad" don't forget about TONS of pissed of customers today (well, potential customers) that waited forever in line just to run into problems like iTunes, slow servers, confusing information, etc.
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