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Of course it's perfect timing to "announce" that they're doing this, right before the next iPhone. It's getting rid of inventory if you ask me. A smart move by Apple.
close to the Louvre. money, money, money.
Nice! Or something like "iPlay™" or "iGame™"... Actually it'd be nice to cut the iCrap out.
Is there an app for that too?
Apple didn't want to pay more money. Bono wanted more money. Whatever. If this is true, it's just business. People who have millions just want to make more millions. That's usually the case. You think Steve Jobs cried when he lost U2. No. You think Bono had a hard time letting Apple go. No. It goes both ways.
Hey dipshit, "labs" is just another term for "the studio" or "workplace" or whatever. It's ok if you hate U2. They don't care.
With technology we have, all of this should have been implemented a long time ago. OS should be more like 2.5. Give me simple video recording (which some people who have jailbroken theirs already have) and I'll call it 3.0.
Maybe if 3G would even work like it supposed to it would be great... What a waste that was. With all the fucking tech we have and we can't get much more than EDGE (not talking about WIFI folks) in real-world use. Apple/AT&T/Whoever I pay to make it work - just make it work.
"...the discovery suggests that test iPhones are functioning at a level which lets them connect to the web..." OOOOOOHH MY GOD!!!!!! NOOOO WAYYYYY!!!! WOW. Connecting to the worldwide interweb?!?!?!?!? Wow it's so ahead of the times... Come on, can we get some real tech news? Sometimes I feel like Apple is getting "old" and I have been a long-time fan.
New Posts  All Forums: