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Ms. Pacman hellz yeah! Rock that shizz.
OK but doing business at a bank is one thing. This is buying a freaking phone! \
I agree. But I hope they drop the "i" thing. It's getting old.
No doubt people are off their rocker now. I like Apple too but people PLEASE focus on non-materialistic issues. I'm not too proud of being human at the moment.
I'm with you on that one. Holy crap I love Apple but this is utter stupidity. We should call those people "iSlaves" - the poor souls.
I think it's outrageous to charge for texting. Should be unlimited and included in every plan. Then I stumbled upon this little diddy for iPhone... http://www.google.com/mobile/apple/talk/
I just found this and it looks nice... http://www.google.com/mobile/apple/talk/
haha yeah we can't see when they've been wiping their nose or picking boogers! ...gross...
Ha no doubt! With more and more "rules and regulations" pretty soon they'll be making our own calls for us!! Yay slavery! ...ugh
I feel the same way. I loved Apple forever but this does truely piss me off. I think it was a bad move for Apple to do the exclusive AT&T deal. Someone mentioned the iPhone being worth the $200 price but in reality it can't cost that much to manufacture. Steve Jobs isn't an idiot. Apple's making something off every iPhone no matter what configuration one gets. That's why they should AT LEAST throw in text messages. I mean really not many people use less than 200 texts a...
New Posts  All Forums: