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Athletes have been doing doing this for years. Nothing new here. They just want money, and would be happy to "endorse" any product as long as it brings a paycheck.
It's not an excessive fine. It's in proportion to what they supposedly owe. Apple needs to pay their full taxes, too. Besides, big companies already get big tax breaks, the normal working people don't. All for the cash.
Damn. Now Dre is definitely not finishing his album.
Hmmm. Here's one for thought: What would be better? If Apple bought Google or if Google bought Apple?
I agree, Apple should buy Adobe. Before Google does.
Bummer you're getting bored of WWDC... What's happening to this world? Well, people are starving, the value of the dollar is going down, the Pacific garbage patch is growing, more chemicals are being added to our food... just to name a few things.
It'd be interesting to see if Apple will improve the sound quality of Beats headphones as well.
Not sure why but that iPad with a kickstand reminded me of the old Eddie Murphy line, "Your momma's got a wooden leg with a kickstand muthaf-cka!" Ok back to real news...
Nice. Over time, hairline scratches right down the middle%u2026 And don't drop that bitch.
A touch of butt fugly.
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