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It'd be interesting to see if Apple will improve the sound quality of Beats headphones as well.
Not sure why but that iPad with a kickstand reminded me of the old Eddie Murphy line, "Your momma's got a wooden leg with a kickstand muthaf-cka!" Ok back to real news...
Nice. Over time, hairline scratches right down the middle%u2026 And don't drop that bitch.
A touch of butt fugly.
"The rumored event to announce the next iPhone is at the same time as last year's event.. Shocker!!" Ditto.
Samsung is doing what they do best... making crap. And please someone tell Samsung to stop making every single ad/promo pic with an I'm-trying-to-pretend-I-like-this-product-but-it's-just-a-fake-smile face.
You don't have to sell the most units to be the best. Oh. Snap.
Terrible. Samsung loves wasting money.
Barf. It looks like a Samsung.
I thought "flat" meant stripping away the gloss, shadows, extra colors, etc. Taking away only the gloss layer doesn't do much at all. And with the hype of Ives, this can't be the new look. That would be stupid.
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