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I thought "flat" meant stripping away the gloss, shadows, extra colors, etc. Taking away only the gloss layer doesn't do much at all. And with the hype of Ives, this can't be the new look. That would be stupid.
I think it's really about Sun Times just wanting to shave off some salaries. Any good photographer should be able to take a good pic with an iPhone (they don't need a class for that - ridiculous). If it wasn't about salaries then why didn't they just give them iPhones to use if they really wanted them to use iPhones? Of course it makes no sense since the photographers already have their own DSLRs. So, it has to be about cutting salaries/costs.
A lot of solar power is needed to power something small. For example, if one wanted to power their entire home, they'd need more than a few 2'x4' panels. Even an entire roof of panels would only power the home for so many hours per day. The size of Apple's building (any building/business for that matter) requires more than one might think. I think it's great that Apple is going in the right direction. Hopefully more businesses will invest in solar power (and other types)...
It'd be overkill. Show me one human than can perceive anything higher than Retina resolution. We're at the point where we don't need any more pixels, especially shoved into a tiny display.
Looking forward to the new look. Maybe a hint of the minimalist early days but modernized. It's time for a refresher.
I'm more interested in tests being done with both attached to an iPhone. And also, notice how they didn't show details of the scratches, which is what I'm more concerned about.
OMG they're using the word "Bang". OMG just thinking of sex is so evil. Why don't we just eliminate sexuality and add more weapons and killing and gore? Oh, wait... we already have that in games and movies. As long as the youth can shoot and kill in games for hours on their phone and watch it in movies, then we're good. Just as long as we don't hear about or see any "boobies" (can't say "breasts" here)..... Unbelievable.
People really worry about the numbers race a bit much. Doesn't matter to me if Samsung sold 10 billion phones and Apple sold 1 million phones. If Samsung had a better phone that works for me, I'd have one. I'm sticking with Apple because I like their products.
Sweet. This is the kind of thinking Apple is great at, even though it pulls from the camera industry. I'd love to see what an Apple DSLR would be like. But I guess soon your DSLR will be able to make a call, and your iPhone will come with a full-frame sensor. One can dream.
  "most innovator ice people" ???
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