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Wow. Soon everyone will have their fingerprints available to the public. Hackers will have fun.   Soon sites like Facebook will require one's fingerprints to access. I'm sure the CIA can't wait for this to happen.   I imagine more "lost fingers" in the underworld realm.
  Maybe they don't want their mag to get flooded with crappy comments. I think it's nice to keep things clean once in a while. It's a classic magazine. They don't need to let readers spew their words all over the place. They're already prime time. People who don't want to subscribe to them don't have to. It's a beautiful thing.
  Read again... "The invention states glass or other suitable transparent material"   People, don't take things literally. Of course they will use the best possible (and business-efficient) material they can use when the time comes.
Thanks for letting us know.
Wow I didn't know solar kit uses sunbeams. Thanks for clarifying that.
Koreans are great at producing but not designing.
Awesome thinking. This is the Apple I know.
hmmm kind of, nostalgic. Again, news about a non-Apple product.
We are Samsung. We like to copy Apple because we can't think for ourselves. We will tell you that we are innovative and you will believe us [bad Jedi hand wave]. We are coming out with a new watch because Apple is. We just can't try to concept new products so we'll just give in and do what Apple is doing and try to beat them. We will continue designing our products with ugly-ass curves and miscellaneous patterns that we think will look great. We work many hours and don't...
New Posts  All Forums: