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hmmm kind of, nostalgic. Again, news about a non-Apple product.
We are Samsung. We like to copy Apple because we can't think for ourselves. We will tell you that we are innovative and you will believe us [bad Jedi hand wave]. We are coming out with a new watch because Apple is. We just can't try to concept new products so we'll just give in and do what Apple is doing and try to beat them. We will continue designing our products with ugly-ass curves and miscellaneous patterns that we think will look great. We work many hours and don't...
Applinsider, please stop posting Samsung news. Thank you.
  Ditto that.
What? No carbon monoxide detector? No built-in air ionizer? No magnetic X-ray machine?   What's with these people? Geez.
Meh. Some people like blue. Some people like green.
Samsung calls anything "premium" to try to fool people. They fool themselves all the time.
Just don't call it iStream.
Unlocking (factory permanent unlock) is legal. It's just not publicized. But it's a pain in the ass for some people, depending on which phone/carrier they chose. The subject should be about making unlocking easy.
New Posts  All Forums: