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Just don't call it iStream.
Unlocking (factory permanent unlock) is legal. It's just not publicized. But it's a pain in the ass for some people, depending on which phone/carrier they chose. The subject should be about making unlocking easy.
"The building will be located at 1 Copycat Loop" haha love it!
Apple will be fine.
Making a different size of something isn't an original idea.
Sweet crispy Jesus.... Is there a way we can filter Appleinsider via keywords, specifically "lawsuit"?
Really? I mean, really?
Crazy aluminum
From the Urban Dictionary:   Unpossible - Even more impossible than impossible. Quite possibly the most impossiblest thing in the world.
I don't like phablets but I agree about just making the iPad mini have call features to satisfy those who do. Done. Also, the Nexus 4 looks tempting, and I've been a long-time hardcore Apple fan.
New Posts  All Forums: