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Ok. It's 16:9 format now. A bit taller. Calm down people.
And so it begins...
  And the day will come when a new company comes along and passes Apple as far as innovation. Until that day, they just keep refining and updating their existing well-designed products, while working on new ones. Yeah, it's all just hype and hype alone. Has nothing to do with good product (and store) design. Not at all. That's why nobody copies Apple. Not at all.
  "Pick a size and we'll check. I'll bet each one turns out to be Retina."     ..........................   Before I go on, I'm making it clear I'm talking about Apple's "Retina" terminology..... Apple's Retina display is 326 pixels per inch (960 x 640) on the latest iPhone and 264 pixels per inch (2048 x 1536) on the latest iPad. HD TVs can be either. One factor of pixel density is the size of a screen, but normal HD TVs don't have the same density. In other words, the...
It's good to give light to inventors who add to human evolution, in one way or another. Not all inventors do this (nor are all celebrities useless) but it's a step in a positive direction. People need to realize that thinking and creating are something that isn't pushed in American society. It's not taught (much) in schools. To progress, we need more creativity and less useless messaging/advertising.
Well in digital format, more bits means better and more solid low end, which lets one "feel" the music more (I've been told I'm a bit of an audiophile). But, true, one has to use good quality speakers or headphones that can reproduce the audio spectrum properly. For most people, the existing common digital formats are fine. So, basically, this whole idea of higher resolutions would apply more to audiophiles. On another note (which most people don't think about), some...
Foxconn makes tons of gadgets for many of the top world companies, not just Apple. No, they won't be using robots anytime soon. It's more cost-effective to have it done by hand, over there, in Shenzhen, China. Read and listen to this and you'll gain a little more insight. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radi...-apple-factory
All this technology and the glass still scratches easily. Keys & coins in pocket do it. Of course they're hairline scratches but it is annoying when this tech is advertised as "better than the previous" when it's not. Doesn't matter if it can withstand 5,000 lbs of pressure/force - it doesn't mean shit if it still scratches easily.
SJ was a great mind and deserves the recognition he gets. But the act of standing for what one believes in and acting for change on today's world is much more important. I used to get excited on what new processors and designs are coming from Apple. Today I get excited to see more people making their voice heard and working towards keeping our liberty.
I know it's beta, but let me keep my options to make shortcuts if I want to. I should be able to make a shortcut to any damn setting on my phone. Period.
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