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I don't like phablets but I agree about just making the iPad mini have call features to satisfy those who do. Done. Also, the Nexus 4 looks tempting, and I've been a long-time hardcore Apple fan.
Now if websites can get on the ball and update images for retina displays then it would be good...
Damn. Almost had me. Don't shop at Walmart and don't need another credit card. So close yet so far...
Well-designed TV with Siri and iTunes built-in. That would be rad, looking at an Apple 50" and saying, "Siri, rent Blade Runner and play it now." And those TV mockups look like more Samsung ugliness. Stop it.
That is a great idea to separate legal on another page. I'm honestly getting turned off visiting appleinsider because of the loads of legal crap.   When are these 2 kids gonna grow up? Ridiculous.
It's just a landing pad for our galactic neighbors when they arrive. And each alien gets a free iPad to welcome them. Then they laugh because it will be 10,000 year-old technology to them.
Awesome. Once home appliances become standard with wifi, they'll know when and where I'm texting while I'm taking a shit.
Maybe Toyota outsold Nissan. Maybe Coke outsold Pepsi. Who gives a shit? Just buy what you like and what works for you.
We can't bitch about this. Apple is just being smart about it, even though they can afford to do what they're doing. We can only be mad at the government, who spends our taxes on many undisclosed projects. Try to get details on what they actually use our money for, and see how far you get. Regardless %u2013 thanks, news, for rubbing it in our face.
New Posts  All Forums: