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That is a great idea to separate legal on another page. I'm honestly getting turned off visiting appleinsider because of the loads of legal crap.   When are these 2 kids gonna grow up? Ridiculous.
It's just a landing pad for our galactic neighbors when they arrive. And each alien gets a free iPad to welcome them. Then they laugh because it will be 10,000 year-old technology to them.
Awesome. Once home appliances become standard with wifi, they'll know when and where I'm texting while I'm taking a shit.
Maybe Toyota outsold Nissan. Maybe Coke outsold Pepsi. Who gives a shit? Just buy what you like and what works for you.
We can't bitch about this. Apple is just being smart about it, even though they can afford to do what they're doing. We can only be mad at the government, who spends our taxes on many undisclosed projects. Try to get details on what they actually use our money for, and see how far you get. Regardless %u2013 thanks, news, for rubbing it in our face.
  It's an unofficial rendering.   I think the artist meant for the back-facing unit to be a bit farther but the shadow from the front makes it look too close, making it seem like the rear unit is shorter. I look at product photography/renderings all day and notice these things too. But, again, it's an unofficial rendering and most people don't give a shit.
Agreed on the lower price. I think it should be no more than $249. If Apple wants to crush the competition, then it should be $199.
Samsung, You keep trying. You can't say you're awesome while being lame. Yes the S3 screen is bigger. Lots of people don't want a screen/phone that big. Lots of people don't want quirky interfaces that try to copy Apple's. No one waits in line for the S3. There's plenty of reasons. Apple's design is cleaner than yours. Lots of people like good design. Of course Apple isn't perfect, but maybe if you tried to do your own thing rather than follow Apple, you wouldn't end...
"We are all here to earn money" It's called modern-day slavery.
....The students are "encouraged to go to factories to learn more about society"....   So, basically it's learning to be a slave. An iPhone 5 slave.       ....allows students to "experience working conditions and promote individual ability."....   If the students have half a brain, they will experience those working conditions for a day, calculate their pay a second time, then use their individual ability to wake up and get the hell out of dodge.  
New Posts  All Forums: