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"We are all here to earn money" It's called modern-day slavery.
....The students are "encouraged to go to factories to learn more about society"....   So, basically it's learning to be a slave. An iPhone 5 slave.       ....allows students to "experience working conditions and promote individual ability."....   If the students have half a brain, they will experience those working conditions for a day, calculate their pay a second time, then use their individual ability to wake up and get the hell out of dodge.  
...According to Adobe, it was "no easy task"...  Yeah but you did it. Now let's get Photoshop updated for MBP peeps who do heavy professional photo work.
Also, a fun fact with a bit of irony is that many Samsung employees have iPhones. As well as many people in Seoul, which Samsung is home to.
  SJ did say that. And it's a true statement. I think it goes well with the phrase, "you snooze, you lose" especially in the business patent world. Besides, before Apple did the "pinch and zoom" correctly, it was butt ugly from the other guys.   Anyway, Samsung just needs to learn how to be creative. 
Real or rendered, I love the murdered-out look.
  a great portfolio piece that could land them a great 3D gig.
  Agreed.   I use my 17" Pro every day for graphics and photography. I have no issue with "lugging" it around because I want the extra screen real estate. I don't really need to buy a monitor since it's a nice balance of the size I like and portability. It works for me as a professional.   Anyway, I'd hate to see the 17" go, but all of this is rumors and we'll see what the real deal is next week.
As long as there is the option to turn it off, then I'm ok. If not, I'll consider ditching the iPhone. My device shouldn't control me.
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