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Any luck?   Still having BT issues on my 2013 MBP.   Not only do my BT keyboard and mouse disconnect and reconnect randomly, BT will just turn itself off.
With 10.10.2 update, it has introduced a Bluetooth bug I did not have before the update.   Immediately after the update, my bluetooth keyboard and mouse become disconnected then reconnect during use.  Then, every several minutes, Yosemite will just simply turn Bluetooth off. Not just disconnect but turn off completely.  I have to turn Bluetooth back on in System Preferences to use my keyboard and mouse again.     This morning, even though I have it setup correct to do...
Would work even faster on a larger iPhone. :-)
So basically, the mlilions of Android users aren't as smart as you to recognize they are using a crappy product.  Nice.
So because Apple says they prefer their width, this is the correct size for a phone?  Who says?   You speak without facts but just from a Fanboy perspective.
Bought one off of Craigslist for $180. Took it home, set it up, tried for a few hours, sold it on eBay for $210. Few good UI stuff (Android Honeycomb could take some lessons here) but overall, the Touchpad felt like a half-baked product. I'm sure it would have eventually gotten better if HP was going to actively support it.
Well said.
I've seen and experienced the problem here in the United States. So the issue is real. We all agree AT&T sucks and Jobs admitted to the problem.
Why should Apple get a free hall pass for this mistake? What would you say if this problem was found on a MSFT phone? I disagree that nobody would be complaining if this happened on Android or RIM. I don't think their CEO would tell users that they are holding their phone wrong which is pretty much a middle finger to their own customers.
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