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I have heard that Yosemite will do away with iPhoto.  Does that mean that all of the photos I currently have on iPhoto will be lost??  How will the new Photo App work?  Thanks, Maria
I have had success connecting to a couple of my local hotspots but not all.  At least that was a bit of an improvement.  I am home today so I will check to see whether I can connect to any of the other hotspots.  I have been down the shore for the past few days.  I was not been able to connect to the xfinitywifi hotspots but did connect with the optimum wifi network. The day before I left home I received a call from Comcast.  They seem to be aware of the problem.  I was...
I spent a good part of this morning on the phone with Comcast.  They asked for quite a bit of information regarding my iPhone 5.  They created a ticket number for the issue.  I was told that someone would call me when the problem was resolved.  Of course, I have not heard from anyone yet.  Afterwards, I was able to connect to just one of the hotspots..... but not the others.  I just got off the phone with Apple.  The person I spoke with had not heard of anyone else...
Has any one tried calling Apple about this situation?
I just received another e-mail from Comcast.  They asked whether I can connect any of my other devises to my WiFi network at home.  I have no trouble connecting to my WiFi network at home.  Even my iPhone 5 connects with no problem.  I also have no problem connecting my iPhone 5 to my brother's WiFi Network (He has Verizon Fios).  I just cannot connect my iPhone 5 to any xfinitywifi hot spots.  They now seem to be blaming Apple for the situation.  When I have time I am...
I sent Comcast an e-mail regarding the situation.  I was told there is no ETA as to when it will be fixed.
Anyone else having this problem?  Any solutions??
I forgot to mention that I have AT&T.
I just received my iPhone 5.  I have no trouble connecting to my WiFi at home.  However, when I tried to connect onto several Comcast (xfinity) WiFi Hotspots that I have used in the past I was unable to do so.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Is there anything I can do about it?  Thanks in advance, Maria
Yes, it is.
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