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 http://www.meizu.com/en/products/mx4promtouch.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQakVAu1eqw Starting from 2:40https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYz276V8m8c
Why is 64-bit needed when there is only 1GB RAM (maybe a bit more in this new 5S)? Just to make code and die size bigger?
No MBP update 
Those who said using this looks stupid don't know the potential of this new type of cameras. This is a brilliant innovation! It's even more portable than an MILC camera while having similar picture quality. More important, you can put it at a lot of different (or even hard-to-reach) places. This is only the beginning; it'll continue to improve and evolve. I'm seeing this finally replace P&S and MILC cameras.
This is a typical AI's feel-good-about-yourself article. Only talked about percentage. Samsung is the largest Android manufacturer, so it's expected that the majority of previous Android owners who switched to iPhone were Samsung owners. The same logic works on the reverse too, since Apple only has a small market share overall, the majority of people who switched to Samsung is again expected not from Apple. Apple is doing relatively well in the US, but still, look around...
"Early last year, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note phablet, followed by the Galaxy S3. HTC launched two One phones, LG the Optimus 4X HD and G, and Sony the Xperia S and T, along with hundreds of other lessor known Android models. So many companies are clamoring to be heard during the Apple quiet period that, ironically, it's rare for any to really make an impression." Fact is: Galaxy Note was announced in Oct 2011. Galaxy Note II was announced in Sep 2012 Galaxy S3 was...
A honest mistake is forgivable. A lie to cover that mistake is ugly and stupid. An obvious lie is the worst because it shows you think other people are as stupid as you.
I'm just waiting to see headline like "Consumers returning their Surface RT saying they can't install existing Windows software on it."
MS in 2011: ”We won’t do anything in the tablet market unless we can be distinctive,”
        I guess anyone who can write ABC can now write an article for Appleinsider.
New Posts  All Forums: