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(link) (emphasis mine)(link)Now, firstly let me say that I think that app was very poor taste and obviously shouldn't have been approved in the first case under Apple's current approval system. It was clearly a mistake and Apple did right by pulling it and issuing an apology (even if they didn't have to).However, what Patrick Donohue (as well as some commenters) is saying, and the group's demands and plans for pickets, is ridiculously out of proportion and not a reasonable...
Well, so far so good indeed from Google News, search for iPhone 2.1:
The point of the article, and the discussion going on in this thread, as I see it is not primarily about the new "feature" in itself being a "big deal", but rather the fact that this is yet another proof of the impending release of the 3G iPhone, which makes the 3G on/off switch a perfectly valid topic for discussion on a site like this. The feature is new to the iPhone, but I see no one claiming it to be a new invention or something unique when compared to other phones.
Yep, looks like all the online applestores are down. somethings coming for sure... could it be new Mac Pros? If they just get minor updates with the new Penryn processors (which are not that much faster than the current crop) but not much else is changed, Apple may not want to spend time on them during the keynote...
Apple will NOT announce 5 mil sold iPhones. It's a malicious rumour designed by "day-traders" to pump up the stock ahead of MacWorld/Fiscal Earnings. The traders will then sell just before it's announced that far less than 5 mil iPhones has been sold which will cause the stock to tank, allowing the day traders to buy the stock cheap - and so it starts over again. DO NOT believe that rumour! It is designed to inflate then damage the AAPL stock.
Indeed it's most fortunate that this was discovered by that company (which seems to have acted very responsibly) instead of being discovered "in the wild". That could have seriously damaged the public's perception of the iPhone, and with that the sales. The puplic perception matters a lot to the adaption of the iPhone. The iPhone currently has the image of being "cool" luxery item, something awesome, something to show off and make other people envious. Overall people...
BIG improivement for me!! See also this post for an update on my 7.0 horrorstory.
I just updated to 7.0.1 and this seems to have fixed the serious speed problems I experienced. I had to completely abandon iTunes because the speed was so horribly slow on my Power Mac G5 Dual 2 GHz that the program was basically unusable. Not anymore, the 7.0.1 update seems to have fixed it (although h.264 playback still could be optimized a little more think). I don't know what caused this, but on 7.0 it felt almost like there was no hardware graphics acceleration at...
It would seem that people with smaller music collections do not suffer the same slowdowns? I've got over 20,000 songs in the collection, but that did not cause any noticeable slowdowns with version 6.x
You're not the only on experiencing this. iTunes 7 SUCKS!!! (speed wise that is...) There, I said it. The speed is criminally slow in almost every asepct, and movie playback is almost unusable (btw, I'm on a dual 2GHz G5 with 3 GB RAM, so it should play fine, but it doesn't. Also scrolling and basic navigation is slow and iTunes constantly uses about 20% CPU when idle. And this is after updating the itunes library and what else it automatically did upon upgrading)
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