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I will be you ANYTHING there will be intel core i9 processor for the MBP in jan-feb. my source: i already have own one.
there are no colored wires, its just all metal?
i have two adapters both are broken because the thin wire has been bitten by my dog but there are two opposite ends which are perfectly fine i was wondering if i could just cut the bad wire off. and attach it to the good one
I jailbroke it on my brothers pc and tried to load it on to my pc and itunes wont recognise it. you cant get to the menu on the ipod all you can see is a picture of a cable and the itunes logo when its turned on defs a software issue! The above is a craglist dealer who deems the ipod has a software issue and can be fixed? He's selling ipod touch 32gb for 150$ Is this a legitimate deal? Can i fix it?
heheheh im going to taiwan too on the first of july my 2.0 umb has a hinge that makes cracking sounds who do i address this issue to since i bought this from apple.ca can any apple store in the world lets taiwan fix it?
Hi..i bought my maccbook aluminum in January and MOST of the time when i close the screen, it will sometimes turn stiff and make a cracking noise. I bought it from the Canadain Apple site. Where do i address this issue?
ok so its not there, are there any ways to install it?
and how do i get this bootcamp? I have the install disks of mac X both CDs...i cant find it on my computer anywhere
Hi, i just recently discovered that boot camp 1.4 is no longer available. What other alternatives are there to access boot camp or use it? I have macbook 2.0 aluminum with leopard? if any, a download link would be appreciated
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