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I am about to purchase a new macbook 2.0ghz aluminum from the website it it a safe time to purchase or will there be major or any slight updates that with compromise the price
anyone answer this please?
1. When do you think is the best time for me to buy a macbook?I heard that there may be a mac event introducing new products which may lower the price of the aluminum macbook? 2. The canadian apple store student discount offers $50 off? Thats barely 5% Wtf is this crappy offer? I thought it was atleast 10%
http://www.cashforlaptops.com/index.php Do you think this site is trustworthy? I clicked it on this site. also, when it says bad harddrive, does it refer to as the blue screen of death?
Will the new aluminum normal 2.0ghz macbook run crysis on full performance?
Is blackfriday sale better than student discount? also do we get blackfriday discounts in Canada? im a canadian student and i am intersted in buying a macbook Also do you think the specs. of the macbook is worth its price? 2.0ghz and 2gb RAM seems inadequate
i have seen some leaked pictures!
I think it should be right around the corner. Maybe around september or even august.
Will there be any new 16gb nanos coming out, considering its almost fall Do you think its possible for the nano to come out before december? Share your thoughts
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