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Yeah, I wasn't arguing that iPhone apps shouldn't be able to run on the iPad day-one, just iPad-specific apps.This is mainly because 1) people already have preconceived notions about third-party iPhone apps/the App Store and 2) I suspect after people run their iPhone apps pixel-doubled on the iPad, they'll say "eh" and go back to using Apple's bundled apps (there will surely be some iPhone apps that work well enough on iPad but many are simply best for use on its smaller...
I think most people responding to my comments in this thread are taking my argument a bit too seriously. This isn't a big deal. It's a 'small deal' but an avoidable one. Apps don't either work or not work. Most apps work. It's how well an app works that matters to users. I question whether Apple's app reviewers will block apps based on performance because only the developer knows how they want it to perform. And if the app reviewers do reject apps based on performance on...
I'm not a developer nor do I plan to be. Before the App Store opened, any developer could test their iPhone apps on an iPhone. Sure, it wasn't the iPhone 3G but it was hardware that gave them a good idea of how their app would feel. Obviously Apple can't send every developer an iPad or even do one of those tours where they go around the country letting developers try out the iPad. Totally understandable. An alternative would be to delay iPad app approvals a week or so....
I'd actually prefer Apple delay iPad app approvals for a week or two post-launch. That would at least give developers a chance to test on real world hardware. I expect the apps submitted by the select group of developers given iPads to be good but I don't know about the rest. It's exciting both for us users and developers nonetheless.
Anyone see a trend forming? Nah. Or at least that's what Adobe is likely telling itself.
One thing that sticks out to me is the absence of a page akin to this Features page for the iPhone: http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/ They also didn't nail down a launch date, instead stating they would be available 'in about 60 days; another 30 for 3G.' This is similar to the iPhone's original debut, sure, but that still leaves time to add a camera. And of course, they could include a camera without mentioning it if it lacks firmware or a compelling app....
Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!
Yeah, it couldn't have anything to do with him surviving a liver transplant and his company being one of the few to totally kick the recession's behind. And where did he ever state his "delusional belief that his is the only person who deserves any credit for what has been accomplished by Apple?" What a load of BS.
Whoa, an Android phone that isn't fugly? What a novel idea! If the rumors about it being sold without a contract are true, I have to wonder if they plan to sell this to the general public at all or just to developers.
It seems only natural.
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