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I've always appreciated how honest and candid Satoru Iwata is. It's almost as if he doesn't know he's talking on the record. Ironically, this is at least part of the problem affecting Wii software sales: many large third party studios are afraid to develop for the platform because they fear the users simply won't buy their games because they'll just buy Nintendo-developed franchises (Mario, Zelda, Wii Fit, etc). While this might sound like a nice problem to have for...
So Apple is 'dropping support' for hardware...that they never said they supported in the first place. [Insert hyperbole here]
I don't think this news is that surprising. The big question for me was not whether iTunes LPs and Extras were coming to the Apple TV, but rather, how we will navigate them. Is that new remote control Apple introduced going to be bundled with the Apple TV? Does it have functionality we're not aware of, say, Wii-like pointer functionality? Is there a different remote that will bring Wii-like pointer functionality? Are they simply going to bundle in an iPod touch (doubt...
If the store isn't back up with new shiny things in ten minutes, I don't know what I'm going to do!...well, other than continuing to ferociously refresh the page.
The suspense is painful! COME ON, FLIP THE SWITCH.
iDon't have phones people want, so I'm going to spread misinformation and tease an unreleased 'iPhone Killar.' >.>
Microsoft would make something that looks that impractical but I don't buy anything Gizmodo has to sell.
So, is the $20/month fee for unlimited voice in addition to the customer's monthly iPhone voice/data plan? Or would this replace the user's voice/data plan, making it so they pay just $20 per month for unlimited voice (aside from the upfront $150 for the microcell and the monthly wired DSL internet fee)? Also, this is only available to AT&T DSL users, right?
I'm pretty sure I see 'Upgrade' in the upper-left hand corner of that Windows 7 box:So you're right, this isn't comparable to Snow Leopard, which can do a clean install, is two versions (32bit and 64bit) in one, and is backward compatible with older software through Rosetta, whereas only Windows 7 Ultimate is able emulate Windows XP for XP apps. That's not factoring in all the other features in Ultimate that are arbitrarily left out of the Home Premium and Professional...
No, the ads play every single time the games are launched.And Twitterific on iPhone has a paid version to avoid its subtle ads altogether. These Zune HD games, in contrast, do not have such an option.
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