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...something to the effect of 'you have to pull it [the iPhone] out and look at it just to answer the phone'? I've looked but can't seem to find the source of that quote but I know someone with a high position said that. If not Microsoft, then Dell? Anyone remember that?
Hmm, what exactly does that mean? Is this third person suggesting cameras could be coming on the high-end models, which aren't due to ship for 1-3 weeks (in contrast to the seemingly unchanged 8GB model, which is already available because all they did was knock off $30), and Apple simply didn't advertise the cameras? Because that would be both awesome and possible given they did the same thing with Bluetooth on the 2nd gen iPod touch, i.e., they didn't advertise its...
Since when are DVD movies encoded at 720p!?
You can stream all podcasts off the iTunes Store, listen to music clips and watch movie and TV show trailers. I think the 'cloud' buzzword just confuses the issue. The iTunes Store wouldn't exist without 'the cloud', i.e., internet-connected servers. If we're talking about streaming music over the Internet, sans local storage, why not call it what it is—a streaming iTunes Store (or streaming iTunes library, or both). I understand trying to simplify complex technical...
At some point in the future (I give it five years at most), cellular service providers like AT&T will become wireless ISPs (WISPs, lol), it's simply a matter of when.When it does happen, we'll no longer be charged at all for electronic voice communication (let alone text or video messages). Imagine that for a second. It's easy, just imagine using your Mac as you do now, except you won't be tethered to a Wi-Fi network (hah, 'tethered to Wi-Fi'; sounds like an...
O rly? Who's going to be playing The Beatles: Rock Band game when it's released tomorrow? The Baby Boomers who predominantly don't know jack squat about video games?
It's not that Sony wouldn't, it's that Sony couldn't.And of course, your entire argument is based on the presumption that iPods with cameras (which haven't been confirmed) will be the only thing announced. If the announcements coming tomorrow were that minor, I don't think Apple would bother calling in the press either.
Separately, Siegler suggests Ford will be releasing street-based cars. I know what he's getting at but the iTunes Store has been 'cloud-based' since its inception. It doesn't have to be accessible via a web browser or stream music or movies to qualify (though I agree, the latter would be nice).
I'm pretty sure Snow Leopard's system-level malware detection/warning system is closer to the regulated App Store.
I think what Dan is getting at is, if virus writers know a good deal of Mac users are using the same antivirus software, it gives them a more unified target because all they have to do is find an exploit for that software and, voila, they can infect numerous Macs. This is true for other well-known, prevalent software (hello Flash). Antivirus software can also create a false sense of security as it can't stop unknown attacks (if there were any) or, separately, undocumented...
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