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At what time in this video does it say that? I'm not questioning whether it's in there or not, I simply haven't found it.
Over Nintendo's dead body. ...At least until Apple acquires them (come on, it's all but inevitable, isn't it!?).
Agreed.You're telling me. My point wasn't about the change so much as it was about this potentially being a sign of larger changes coming to iTunes and/or the Store.
Hmm, this is kind of off-topic but while browsing the iTunes Store (iTunes 8) for C64, I noticed what appears to be a subtle style change of iTunes Store...list titles, I guess you'd call them. Here's one example: The look of the blue title bar is what I'm referring to specifically. You can see the old 'glass'-style list title bars in this old iTunes tutorial video: http://www.apple.com/itunes/tutorial...wnloadmoviestv I don't remember seeing this change until today...
The truth is, few people buy operating systems on their own, period. Microsoft's primary customers are PC vendors, not consumers, because the average person is loathe to pay for software. The same is true for standalone copies of Mac OS X (except that Mac users tend to be more affluent, Macs tend to last longer, and thus, Mac users are more willing to pay for software because Apple makes great, yet reasonably priced software).PowerPC Macs are a (shrinking) minority and...
Guess those of us (myself included) were wrong about AT&T's involvement. It really was about feature duplication after all. I was under the impression apps making use of Google Voice were more or less putting a pretty, native interface on the Google Voice configuration website, but it sounds like they actually go a step further and replicate things like SMS, voice dialing, and voice mail, rather than using the iPhone's central Phone app. That reminds me of Podcaster and...
Bogerty! Sorry for the confusion, my statement should have read:Apple allowed Skype onto the App Store, but it's Wi-Fi only.Google allowed Skype onto the Android Market, but calls are made over the cellular tower, thus using up the customers minutes.All better now. p.s., That's my signature you quoted. It wasn't part of my argument.
Whoa, let's not muddle these two cases.Apple approved Skype onto the App Store, but it's limited to Wi-Fi.Google approved Skype onto the Android Market, but it requires the use of the customers voice minutes.
That is what I'm most interested in: Apple TV announcements. I certainly look forward to seeing what changes have been made to iTunes (namely the store itself; feels like it's in need of a facelift/speed up and the commenting system, especially for apps, is archaic) and iPods, but that's just it, those are all but guaranteed to receive attention. The Apple TV could use another revamp. - I want that wiimote-like pointer remote detailed in one of their patents for...
They are using their 'No image available' placeholder:http://www.amazon.com/Mac-version-10...0541366&sr=8-1
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