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Right, an unreleased product 'bested' another unreleased product.
Thank you! I think people missed this picture because you didn't enclose it in IMG tags. @codymr,Amazon's just using Apple's placeholder boxart, which you can see here and here.Lastly, for everyone who keeps saying you'll need Leopard to install Snow Leopard, that appears to be untrue:http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html
I—and I would guess most people—find a camera (which will likely be video capable, which all but guarantees a built-in mic) more exciting (and useful) than an OLED display, let alone an "etc., etc."
Uh, the App Store hasn't been 'the only game in town' since the beginning and it certainly isn't 'the only game in town' now.
Why in the world would you not want the clearing up of confusion/misinformation to become a regular occurrence? These letters are not primarily addressed to the App Store developers directly, but to people like Gruber who talk often about the App Store approval process. Any sign of better communication from Apple is a good thing, IMO.
Everyone continues to repeat that single sentence, rather than the second one that followed:We have received the letter and will, of course, respond to it. That's called a dodge. And it's pretty clear AT&T does have a say, otherwise they wouldn't have openly admitted they did in SlingPlayer's Wi-Fi-only functionality.
I too don't get where 'Blu-ray support' comes in concerning iTunes, unless they're retiring DVD Player in Snow Leopard, but that seems unlikely. Perhaps Mac Pros will feature optional Blu-ray drives, but they're not likely to be introduced at the annual iPod event. Some things I'd like to see on the App Store side of things include the ability to gift paid apps, perhaps Genius app recommendations, the ability to rate apps in iTunes without having to visit the app's store...
Yeah, because they've gone after all the porn web apps after rejecting porn on the App Store, right? And it makes perfect sense to blame Apple for pulling Google Voice considering they provide their own cellular service (oh wait, AT&T provides the cellular service and they've openly admitted to blocking apps like SlingPlayer from using their network).
You're not being realistic. iTunes has unrated movies, but they never have and likely never will carry adult entertainment. If you don't like that, don't use iTunes and/or don't buy an iPhone. No one's forcing you to, but that goes without saying.Secondly, Apple hasn't gone after individuals who jailbreak their phones, so there's that if you need a dedicated porn app.Third, to my knowledge, ALL apps rejected for 'objectionable content' thus far (which included...
Well, what would you prefer them to do? Reject porn apps outright (which they do now because those clearly do violate Apple's App Store guidelines) OR approve them and then put black bars on all the naughty parts after the fact? Personally, I will always prefer the former to the latter.
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