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Yep, I saw that report. Considering the bolded sentence contradicts the underlined one, I'll be waiting for the response Mr. Mays alluded to.
Anyone think maybe, just maybe Apple blocked Google Voice apps precisely because of Schmidt's position on Apple's Board, which could have given AT&T the ability to claim collusion? Naw, it's just Apple being evil against its close partner Google, even though Apple has zero skin in either the cellular service or VOIP markets.
They were your words, not mine. If you can't explain them and instead have to change the subject, I don't think it's me who needs to get real.
This inquiry by the FCC is just that, an inquiry. And what's more, this situation is a reasonable thing to inquire about: is AT&T behind the pulling of Google Voice apps and if so, what's their justification for singling out Google Voice (while alternatives like Skype remain in the store)? Is it that Google Voice is becoming far more popular than other VOIP services? Or that Google's CEO is on Apple's Board of Directors? Or both? Or none of the above?
Microsoft plans to use Windows 7 to raise netbook pricesWhere in that title is Microsoft proclaimed the devil? And what about it is 'glorified'? He's paraphrasing Ballmer's stated plan to raise the price of netbooks through the cost of Windows 7.
They're already 'snubbing' Macworld by not attending. Apple's presence at CES would put more attention on the Mac, iPhone, iPod, etc. than can be attained at Macworld, which is good for third party Mac, iPhone, iPod accessory makers and software developers.
Better than preaching to the choir at Macworld. As for the spy shot of Jobs, I agree with others. How many CEOs have attained that kind of a draw to warrant TMZ stalking them?
I didn't say you couldn't yank them, I asked what's up with them being bundled in? MobileOpera and Flash lite blow. Where's the reasoning behind it?
Wow, a triple-win partnership. That is a lot of win you've got there. Quite a mouth full. Zii Egg? Is that pronounced zee, like Wii is pronounced wee? Great words guys. Plaszma paltform, StemCell technology, ZMS-05 processor, Zii Egg...In all seriousness though, what's up with an Android device running an Opera browser? What happened to WebKit and Chrome? And in general, I do not understand how the open source community backing Android has continued to turn a blind...
I think it's a reasonable assumption to make. The MacBook Air is 3 pounds. Take its display/housing off, shrink it 3" diagonally, and make it a tad thicker and heavier. If Apple was going to make a tablet, don't you think that's a pretty realistic depiction? Now imagine how light and thin that would be, maybe a pound, pound and a half? For reference, Dell's Mini 10 is 2.6 pounds.Holding a slender, 1-1.5 pound device in landscape (or perhaps even in portrait) would not...
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