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If this is real, I don't think you'd want to use it for lengthy document writing. You're going to be holding it in two hands, like an iPhone, typing with your thumbs on an onscreen keyboard, like an iPhone. Dose the size of a MacBook Pro's keyboard increase when you move up from a 13" screen to a 15" or 17" screen? No.
It's almost as though they're asking for a (legal) fight. Regardless, the ball's in Apple's proverbial court.
Anyone else smell that? Something burning? *scrunches nose* I was actually surprised by the size of the drop in revenue of their Xbox/Zune devision. 25%? Yowza.
Seems like a sure thing, especially for the iPod touch, which could also handle video recording (and thus would include a mic). We've heard rumors about orders for 5MP, which wouldn't be out of the question considering the base iPod touch has always had twice the storage of the iPhone and the 2nd generation iPod touch had a faster processor than the iPhone 3G. Cameras would certainly put the hurt on the Zune HD and other rivals by changing the equation so now they...
...I have to think they have an even larger share of the premium laptop market, what with the desktop market being pretty over-saturated at this point and Apple sells more laptops than desktops. @winterspan, While you bring up some good points, I would wager premium PCs from Dell, Alienware, etc. aren't sold at retail in large numbers because they're only really popular with the hardcore Windows gamer niche. Macs, on the other hand, appeal to gamers, video and...
Except your already able to jailbreak the iPhone. Apple has shown no interest in suing jailbreakers. EFF is simply forcing Apple's hand, so hopefully the EFF's case will be thrown out.The EFF is not a legitimate authority, just today they derided Apple for patching a hole that allowed third party devices to sync with iTunes by masquerading as iPods.
I know this is totally late, but I just realized (a few days ago) that this white-text-on-black style being applied to SL's Dock contextual menus is not new to Mac OS X: Just for reference, here's what that drop-down menu is coming from (note the orange arrow): Sure would be nice to have ALL of Mac OS X's drop-down menus (and scroll bars, for that matter) look like GarageBand's. I just can't see Apple not going further than the Dock's menus in Snow Leopard.
Hooey! The original iPhone and iPhone 3G lack the fourth conductor/wiring required to adjust volume. What would be the point in Apple holding this functionality back? It's not a system selling feature. Where's the motive? Arbitrary punishment? They could make a good deal of money on existing iPhone 2G/3G users if all it took was a firmware update to enable volume control.Of course they're going to say they're incompatible with past iPhones, they are. One of the...
How does hiding the hard drive by default constitute as an attempt to fix what's not broken? And just because they've hidden the HDD's desktop icon doesn't mean they've also hidden all other external volumes from appearing on the desktop.Windows 7 still has a recycling bin on the desktop and as others have noted, Vista's gadgets introduced a whole new level of desktop clutter.
Right. I don't see these new contextual Dock menus being more translucent than the current black/white ones, or not substantially so. The black background seems to balance out the translucency (again, if they're more translucent at all).Sure, but we aren't going to be reading tiny contextual menus all day, we're going to be reading web pages, text documents, etc., none of which are being inverted.
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