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While I'm not sure about the iPod nano, the iPod touch is certainly capable of video recording, so unless they think people will be satisfied shooting silent films, they will include a mic.
Haha, can you imagine how badly that would show up the forthcoming Zune HD (barring Microsoft makes any last minute additions)? And if a built-in camera supported video recording, there's a very good chance it would include...a built-in mic! Hello Skype calling sans headset.
This seems rather lazy on Palm's part. All they had to do was make it so the Pre syncs with iTunes' XML file; they'd get the same end result. Just change the bullet point from "syncs in iTunes" to "syncs with your iTunes library." Masquerading an as iPod via a hack is asking for trouble.
So because you don't use it means it's not useful? He was asking for SnapBack to return to the address field. Command-clicking on the title bar pops up a list that produces a similar effect to SnapBack.
At least we got back ⌘-click navigation in the title bar. I've also noticed NetNewsWire seems to have gotten faster after downloading Safari 4. Do they somehow share Webkit?
Well, look at Leopard and how it originally looked just like Tiger until they announced its original release date (which then got pushed back due to iPhone development)? Maybe it's too late to replace all the remaining Aqua elements, but like you, I think there's still a chance we'll see those replaced with something that matches Leopard's otherwise subtle, subdued, modern UI.How is the black glass used in QuickTime X Player, QuickLook, and Stacks "tacked on"? The only...
Now if they can just strip out the last remnants of Aqua.
Pfft, most "audio pros" use Firewire these days. I remember getting quite excited about the audio line-in when I bought the 15" PowerBook G4 I'm using right now only to find I needed a preamp. \It's not necessarily about if they could fit it in but should they. If the line-in's removal contributed to the across-the-board price drops, fine by me. It's good to know the headphone jack now sports another connector for audio input sans preamp, in addition to the built-in...
While the relocation of the reload button is more about relearning its place, we may be prejudging the removal of Safari 3's inline loading bar. For starters, at least Safari 4's new loading indicator has a color change when moving from one page to another. That alone is a nice improvement over the simple spinner in the Beta version. But what we're not considering is, if Apple strips Snow Leopard of Aqua, they may come up with a better way to show loading progress...
I think this is a very good argument. Leopard isn't going to be getting a UI makeover and Safari 4 Beta's Tabs on Top, for better or worse, stuck out. On the other hand, Snow Leopard still has three, maybe four months in the cooker depending on when in September it ships, so I still like to think they'll sneak in a refined UI, i.e., the replacement of Aqua elements, window controls, buttons, and scroll bars with something more akin to iTunes 8. They unveiled Leopard's...
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