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Apple - Just buy Ericsson and fire all the management.
Obama's dogs need to be called off!   Because of this, I will never buy anything from Amazon again.
That's what school kids need, a sorry cheaply made rotting in the warehouse tablet. Let the young suffer with them. They should have given them away as a total loss they are.
I will never buy anything with Samsungs name on it. Basically all their stuff is junk
the iwatch or any smart watch is the new tracking ankle bracelet for the masses.
Just how low will the price of a surface tablet go, when Microsoft has to dump them.   Hint: They are not selling.
What they really need is a boot to Windows 7 or boot to the curve would work as well.
Maybe Tim Cook should be Secretary of State. At least, he knows that you get nowhere with making your partners angry with you. Maybe we should try hardier to understand people and cultures.
Losers always seem to know what someone else should do with their money.
Tim Cook is a genius. He is one of the main reasons that Apple has been so successful and why they have so much cash and no debt. Another reason why Apple is so successful is that they do not listen to stupid marketing advice from the unqualified. Now the real dummy boys work for the competition.
New Posts  All Forums: