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So then why doesn't the iPhone 4 get Siri? Processor? Ok then why not the iPad which in all likelihood matches ram and has a faster processor, at least equal?
It'd be interesting to know who at apple is judging the ad concepts brought forth by other companies. The majority of their advertising still goes through chiat\\day right? Is apple having them oversee the ads, is jobs personally going through them? (I know not likely, but it isn't like there are hundreds, so it would be possible)
OH oh oh, I see. I thought that was a thick side when I first looked at it. It seemed very un-apple like to have something so thick looking. That makes much more sense and now that I look at it I don't even know how I saw it as a side, it is clearly the bottom. Silly me.
unecessary comment removed
Typo¬Ö netter -> better
Good points, I am not saying people shouldn't get AppleCare, I recommend it, especially to any laptop buyer. I however do not find it to be extremely useful.I did use it the first year I had it to replace white spots. I hadn't heard anything about white spots developing later, was it just because the back screen was bend a little and being pushed into the screen?My point was just that without something horrible happening (like a logic board frying, which I wouldn't expect...
More adds! The boards have gotten a little uglier over the last couple years, although they have become more functional. I think that might be just because the general trend of forums. Could also be not having Brad as a minion haha. I have learned to like the 'insider' information a lot more though. It's the first site I check out now.
I don't get what the point of AppleCare is. They don't cover damage that is your fault. Any inperfections or manufacturing problems would show within the 1yr of complimentary AppleCare. If that isn't enough protection for you, any widespread problems with manufacturing after that time would be subject to a recall where you get it fixed for free. Boards frying, pinched cables should all happen within a year I think. Me dropping it, snapping a hinge, that is something...
It wouldn't matter if they cut his mic or not, he'd be picked up on O'Reilly's!
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