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Instantly 7-10 days for all models on the Canadian Store.  Gold is now up to 'October' for every memory size.  
old people ftw
Tony Blair confirms it's a terrorist attack
They are reporting that internet access is flooded, you won't get many reports now. According to CNN there have been 7 subway explosions and at least 3 bus explosions. Wait and see for more info I guess.
Yep, I'd up it 512 megs, it will make a world of difference.
That's a BTO, 1 gig stock, also BTO'd a 250 gig HD. 3 additional gigs are coming from Crucial, but haven't arrived yet.
Placed the order on the 27th and it just came today (even paid for express shipping ) Here's some pics: Outside and Setup Interior shots
Leo's been doing Call for Help up here in Canada for a while now. Its definitely replaced TSS
Two words: Silicon Alley I remember when it was finally leaked on the board about its location, people were going nuts, and then the board shut down
Sorry... my bad, a lack of sleep will do that to you sometimes.
New Posts  All Forums: