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I wish Nike would offer a Nike+ kit for cycling.
safari would be great without resorting to hacking. then i could watch BBC iplayer on it. i can do this on my wii, so why not appletv?
what are you smoking???
annoying that the UK store doesn't have some of these apps
interestingly, O2 are not even taking advanced orders at the moment. i tried to buy some iphones on a business tariff and i was told to wait until thursday.
you pay for incoming calls?!?!
i think this is a great tool for small biz -- get the family pack for a 5 person business. its what i want to do for my business. the key will be getting my domain to work with it, which with a bit of fiddling with reply-to addresses should be possible.
when i fired up the stevenote i instantly thought 'he looks really thin, gaunt even'. his voice sounded croaky too. he didn't look well at all.
getting back on track... any UK iphone users getting the location feature on google maps to work? it keeps coming back saying cannot pinpoint for me...
New Posts  All Forums: