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  Don't quote Tomi, it only makes you look silly.   "Nokia’s management was doing a very good job of destroying its value long before he arrived." - Michael Mace http://mobileopportunity.blogspot.fi/2013/09/microsoft-nokia-now-were-all-like-apple.html
  Not strictly in financial trouble, but coasting on past successes. The momentum was running out and they really started to slide about when he started. There was nothing he could do except stop them crashing. And looking at the 2Q results they were starting to level out.
  And in other news the market share of WP in places like Germany is 9% and going up, and Apple is 11% and going down...
I just did a comparison during the weekend of Apple Maps on my iPad3 and Nokia Maps on my Lumia 800 (and N8) and I can say it is absolutely no competition. Apple still has a way to go before it is a match. This has nothing to do with the accuracy of the maps, just the usefulness as a real car navigator. The Nokia Maps actually provides real car navigation features such as speed, time/distance till destination, speed camera warnings, speed limit information, lane...
  Good tip, but doesn't help for navigation much if Siri doesn't recognize any local place names or addresses.
Well, of course once you get out of a city in Australia, there is only one road and it goes straight for 800km.   I find there are a lot less arguments about directions when you don't rely on your passenger to read the paper map.
You should try being an English speaker in any foreign country. It sucks on all devices.   My Lumia 800 doesn't recognize any Finnish names for voice dialling or messaging, and my iPad can't recognize or pronounce any street names what so ever. But somehow I doubt very much if this will ever be fixed.
  Your information is wrong.   Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is used on many cameras, from compact upwards. Panasonic, for example, uses it on many of their point-and-shoot models, and have for years. Both them and Olympus also use it on their Micro Four Thirds models. The cheap kit lens on my Panasonic G3 comes standard with it, as do most of their zoom lenses.   http://panasonic.net/avc/lumix/ois/index.html   And for the record, the OIS on the Nokia 920 moves the...
Lots of people in the Apple forums are having problems with 4G dropping or not connecting at all. Quite many have much better luck just turning LTE off completely. Seems in areas of weak coverage the iPad has problems. This is in addition to all of us outside the US who can't get 3G to work without a reboot and those having WiFi problems. And still no comment from Apple.
So if it doesn't happen to you, you don't care. Probably why most people think Apple users are assholes. Well I can tell you that there are plenty of people in the Apple forums complaining about these problems and they get nothing but silence from Apple, or a replacement iPad with exactly the same problem. I have an iPad that can't connect to 3G without a reboot and Apple has no comment. At least Nokia admits their problems and does something about it.
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