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They are watching TV. Certainly not reading or learning anything. My wife and I have had iPhones for 31/2 years and neither of us has ever run out of battery. We watch TV and movies on 46" TVs and for portable viewing MacBookAirs ori iPads. Get a life kids. You can read books on your iPhones all day and not run down the battery..
Now that's pretty funny. Thanks.
Isn't Apple exploring a South American joint venture manufacturing operation? I certainly hope so..
If no calendar syncing I am goingbto be very upset. As is my wife. Especially after so much aggravation over these years.
But why should they?
I had the original 13" MBA purchased the first month.. When the 11" with 128G SSD and 4G RAM (and a slightly faster processor came out at about $500 less nearly 3 years later I traded up and sold my 13". I'm a very happy guy. My wife has the mid 2009 MBA (13") with 128 SSD and loves it still. And I've decided to buy my college bound daughter a new MBA, but not knowing the exact specs yet, not sure which one...11 or 13"? definitely 4 G Ram and 128 or 256 G storage. ...
Actually what it shows is that Apple knows how to make an incredible return on investment. They produce a very high quality product, market and sell it brilliantly and keep the consumer backed up in every way imaginable. Genius Bar anybody?
Because I was paying $140 for 2 separate accounts and their greater storage capacity on iDisk which we use for cloud backup. A much better deal for 2 persons.
My MobileMe auto renewed today and my wife's will in 2 weeks. At $99 each as there's no longer a boxed version to buy at Amazon for $70. So, $200 and in a few weeks they will be giving it away free? After 5 years of buying 2 subscriptions a year I'm going to be pretty annoyed if it's all free and I don't receive a rebate/credit of some sort. Especially as subscribed calendars have cost us seemingly dozens of hours of frustration and aggravation (and missed appointments...
Twice (see your follow up post) you have used "its" when you mean "it's", the contraction which translates as "it is". Correct grammar does not equate with Nazism or Fascism merely a modicum of intelligence and education as well as a desire to not sound as if one is a boorish clod.
New Posts  All Forums: