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Did you say losing customers? It seems they grew by some 30 M subs last 6 months. I don't say it's conclusive, but it does not look like they are shrinking.
All of you are Americans are you? Hrd guess... Well, Apple is american and all. However, the business model may not be viable in all places. And neither does what works in US work all over the place. Neither does it work forever. For Apple to continue to grow they need to continue to be strong in US and at the same time grow across the world.. China happens to be the largest country on earth with a growing middle class. I say Apple needs to launch across the world...
Where is the announcement? Not on apple.com - Shop iPad as far as I can see.   Update: Found it http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2013/01/29Apple-Increases-iPad-with-Retina-Display-to-128GB.html
Fore these ideas about a "low cost iPhone" to be true, they need to include a redefinition of what a low cost "smart"-phone is. It's not a F#%&#%ing large screen-latest-CPU-new-design-thing. Rather a iPod Nano - stripped iPhone but with some sort of essentials for tying the user to the Apple universe. What can that be? A iPod using 3G to stream from iTunes-match? And for making calls? Apps? Hardly the same as for the iPhone. Webb? Don't think so but maybe. Thus maybe...
Where did iTunes DJ go? I loved that one!
Agree. And Apple has a chance to turn this to a positive story. Admit, acknowledge and - if necessary - pay. Then brag about how good design foster good design. Indulge in all good designers around the world instead of turning to the tech crowd for lead.Then do a good an true story how this came about. Post on Apples home page and gain goodwill.Will slap copy industry hard the face as a side effect.
I have to disagree. If the SBB owns the design, Apple should not only sign up, but also - within reason - pay to use the design.First - Apple is not first with everything.second - If Apple want to be able win the design and patent litigation war in the eyes of the public and grow their brand, they should acknowledge good design and if they choose to use it, highlight it instead of infringe. This also strengthens their ability to protect their own innovations were...
Why is there no way to print a list of reminders? Otherwise: thumbs up!
To all of you: think back to 2005, 2006 and 2007. Where were Apple then? Success? In the mobile phones market? The court hearings are not about today!
You are on to something. I would say that the Apple brand largely depends on proof of quality and all the ways Apple acts to strengthen this. Apple Stores are one important thing here. In Europe they have to rely on retail partners. They fail in knowledge and in replicating the level of service provided in US based Apple Stores. Not because they do not want to (they are often enthusiasts) but simply because Apple is very good at this and it's hard to replicate thru...
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