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  I don't mind the look of the keyboard. I just hope iOS 7 lets me change it to Dvorak so I can tap out messages the same way I type for real.
  I disagree. Multitouch gestures are commonplace now. I think anyone familiar with the iPhone lock screen will already know to swipe to the right to unlock it, and newcomers should find the scrolling highlight in the "swipe to unlock" text intuitive enough to unlock the phone with ease. I also think the top and bottom chevrons are equally intuitive. If anyone is confounded by them, they should understand how they work after the first usage. Overall, I think the changes...
  I agree totally with all of your points. Very well stated.
  Absolutely true!!!
Yeah, I know the history and figured as much. I was just curious. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the speed of my 802.11n AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule network as it is. 802.11ac is enticing though.
To that point, what do you think are the chances that existing Apple devices (e.g., my new late-2012 27" iMac) can be upgraded to 802.11ac?
I have the Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case, and it's the best iPhone case I've ever used. Just as unobtrusive as Apple's iPhone 4/4S bumper, more durable, transparent to radio signals, and it only costs ten bucks. A helluva lot less than $80! That's just crazy!
What an amazing relationship!
I hope it fixes whatever causes my iMac and iPhone 5 to spontaneously stop being able to Sync over Wi-Fi.
Agreed!    Terrible reason not to upgrade to the new iMac. External optical drives are extremely affordable. Apple's Super Drive seems tailor made for the new iMac, if you want/need an optical drive. I bought one when I ordered my new iMac because I still buy music CDs occasionally and import them Apple Lossless. Even still, I have yet to use it because most of my new music I download from HDTracks.com.   I've got my 2006 iMac next to my 27" new iMac, and you're right....
New Posts  All Forums: