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If we're lucky, this is precisely one of Jony Ive's priorities as he addresses Apple's haphazard collection of human interfaces across Mac OS and iOS. I'm thinking the recent updates to Apple's software products, particularly iWork for iOS, are the last of Scott Forstall's influence on software being finalized and pushed out the door so Jony can start fresh when he begins cleaning up the look, feel, and function of both Mac OS and iOS in earnest. 
That was a great slam on Samsung!
1. I use Time Machine as well, though I need to get another external disk (my 1 TB Time Capsule is full). I've been synching my iDevices to iCloud, but I'd never had a problem synching them locally (nor have I noticed a huge benefit to synching through iCloud based on my usage).   2. I only have the one machine (an iMac), but a shared drive attached to an AirPort is a good solution.   3. iDisk worked GREAT for me for things outside my home. I (finally) understand the...
What system do you use? I've been experimenting with SugarSync, SkyDrive, and iCloud, and I'm not really thrilled about any of them thus far.
I thought they updated Leopard a couple times after Snow Leopard came out. No?
I have a late-2006 iMac that was CRAWLING under Lion. It was so unusable, I decided to downgrade back to Snow Leopard. I've NEVER downgraded Mac OSes before, but I just couldn't use my computer and was convinced that my old iMac's brain pan was just too underpowered to handle all that Lion was throwing at it. Anyway, after downgrading, I realized I'd have to go all the way back up to Lion anyway because I'd already committed to iCloud, and Snow Leopard has zero support...
I can easily get used to the new tabs. Never really used the RSS feature, but I'm disappointed to see that functionality go. Regardless, the changes they've made to Safari have really sped it up! It is noticeably MUCH faster than it was.
Try PDF Expert. It's $10, but it allows you to edit and save PDFs on your iPad.
Still seems like a clunky workaround rather than a true solution, lacking the drag-and-drop ease of file management with which Apple originally earned its reputation. I understand and welcome the security benefits of app sandboxing, but it really seems like Apple could have found a way to have the OS sync documents to the cloud, and restrict document access to only the creating application, in the background without visibly hiding the docs in the Finder.   If they're...
I've been a loyal fan of iWork for years, but recently had need to use an equation editor, which Pages doesn't offer, except via a third-party app that cost $100. For that price, I figured, I could just get Office for Mac 2011. So that's what I did. Office has come a long way since I left it behind a few years ago. I'd still prefer Apple to flesh out iWork a bit more (not give it ALL of Office's unneeded features, but grow it up a bit).
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