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I disagree that this will be a strategic mistake (much less the "biggest" one in the last decade) on the part of Apple at all. Adopting the 16x9 aspect ratio at only 4" in the iPhone is a smart way of unifying the aspect ratio between display devices (e.g., HDTV / AppleTV, Mac, etc.) while retaining a form factor that is still manageable with one hand. Competitors like the Galaxy Note are simply too big to work with one hand and using them as a phone (i.e., holding them...
  Does Album Artist not accomplish this for most of your music? I'm pretty meticulous about my music too. To get around the issue you mention, I typically put featured artists ("feat. so-n-so") in the Comments section of the track. But more often than not, the Album Artist field helps me keep organized, especially with scores and soundtracks (which I've broken out as separate genres for TV, movies, and video games anyway).
Celebrities or not, the ads show people having plain English conversations with their phone! How is that not showing what the product can do?
Any chance of them expanding it to accommodate libraries larger than 25,000 songs?
I'm on the same rhythm. Liking it!  
It's also available from Apple as a podcast.
Exactly! It's not naivete being confident in the fact that we haven't installed AV software for over ten years. The fact is, we haven't needed AV software and our Macs run more smoothly without it.If a legitimate virus or trojan actually springs up in the wild (which I doubt will happen any time soon), I'll remember to look into this utility. Until then, I'll contune practicing the "safe computing and common sense" AndreiD spoke of and not worry about it.
Been waiting for this refresh. 2012 is going to be the year of new Apple gear for me: my new iPad is "preparing for shipment" as I write this, and I'm planning on upgrading to a 27" iMac as well as a new iPhone when they're released in the coming months.
I'm clean. No AV software since the late 1990s.
Sounds simple enough. I'll look into these options come June if Apple doesn't incorporate this functionality into iCloud. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: