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I'm right there with you! DitC is half-baked at best. I'm hoping they bring it up to speed before the kill off iDisk for good in June. The way it's going though, come June, I may be forced to migrate to iCloud and open a SugarSync or DropBox account. Not looking forward to that mainly because I'd like to keep my digital footprint as contained as possible.
I've sync'd my entire Documents folder, and worked directly from it, through iDisk for years. The virtual disk appears on my iMac's desktop and I drag frequent-use folders from the virtual disk straight to my Dock and access anything I need directly, using the same folder organization I've built up for over a decade. Opening and saving files (all types) directly from applications through iDisk made all my data accessible from any computer or device either directly (with...
I hope it's the same form factor so I can not only still use my smart cover but also my Incipio case.
Read the biography. Ive's comments quoted here are not out of context, but they'd bother you less (probably not at all, to be honest) after you read the biography. You'll also have a better sense of Apple's future.
Avatar doesn't compare to the sophistication of movies like Casablanca, Blade Runner, or The Shawshank Redemption and I don't believe it ever tries to. Avatar, like the rest of James Cameron's films, is all about spectacle. He may not be a very informed or incredibly gifted writer, but he's certainly a smart and competent enough writer of spectacle to know how to get people to repeatedly come out to the movies in droves. I think he's a film making genius in that regard,...
I really liked the movie too and am a big fan of James Cameron's films, despite his writing limitations. The behind-the-scenes supplements of his films are virtually courses in film making by themselves and should serve as an entertaining inspiration for your granddaughter.
If I remember correctly, Steve used the term "big bag of hurt" to describe the licensing hurdles of Blu-ray, not the technology itself. I'm sure he recognized Blu-ray's A/V superiority to other formats (including iTunes) and worked as hard as he could to bring that level of quality to iTunes. The main reasons Apple never invested in Blu-ray (aside from the licensing argument, if it's valid), is that 1) it would further cannibalize Apple's iTunes Movies business, and 2)...
People psychologically equate computers with work and televisions with relaxation. People don't want the two to mix, despite all tech industry attempts to get them to do so (Six Degrees of Google TV, anyone?). Televisions are complex enough as it is. I highly doubt making them even more complex by mating them with a fully-functional iMac is the solution Steve Jobs was referring to when he told Isaacson that he'd "nailed" the problem with TVs. Apple may add TV functionality...
M. Night Iamasham shouldn't be allowed within a thousand miles of anything to do with any movie ever again!
Is AppleCare no longer available? What does AppleCare+ offer above the normal AppleCare?
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