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From an acting standpoint, Tom Hanks could probably do just about anything, though he doesn't look like Jobs. Plus, I doubt he could be made to look young enough, or thin enough for the role.
That might work visually. Don't know if he has the range though.
I like both Clooney and Wyle as decent actors, but I don't think either of them look, or sound, enough like Jobs to be convincing. Christian Bale would be my choice. No one else would give more to the performance than Bale. His acting ability, especially his extreme dedication to his method, would not only enable him to portray Steve in his many iterations, but also compliment Steve's insistence on accepting nothing less than the very best.
I'm not so much adamant that it must be iDisk as I am irritated with the pending loss of built-in functionality. I find the Documents in the Cloud feature to be analogous to the first implementation of Stacks in the Mac OS Leopard Dock: an over-simplified way of navigating files that failed to accommodate existing organization systems. It took two .x updates to make the Dock truly usable again. I hope Apple does something similar with DitC (only faster) because it seems...
Maybe YOU don't have a need for iDisk, but for those of us who used it regularly to access our documents from all of our devices with ease, Documents in the Cloud is a loss of basic functionality. I don't want a 3rd-party solution for something I already had with Apple. Has Apple provided (or is there to be found anywhere) an explanation as to why Documents in the Cloud can't offer an exact duplicate of iDisk functionality?
I doubt Apple would do that (or that Steve Jobs' family would even allow it), but if they did, they would probably offer it as an option like engraving or PRODUCT(Red) rather than force it on everyone.
Damned if I didn't find out on my iPhone 4!nvidia2008, I think you're right; an iPhone 4(S)teve may indeed be worth at least a visit to my local Apple Store, and some extra self-control to not buy it. Thanks, n2macs!
There's no reason for it to, but Steve's death feels like a personal loss to me. I've been a loyal Apple devotee since high school, since before I even knew who Steve Jobs was. Apple's products, and in a way the company itself, has since become an integral part of my everyday life, and Steve Jobs an inspiration to me like no other. R.I.P. Steve. Thanks for everything. My heartfelt best wishes go out to his family.
I recall that disaster well. I think Apple's learned lots of important lessons since the launch of MobileMe, and it seems like they're being much smarter with their rollout of iCloud (mainly that it's not going to be an automatic migration for current MobileMe users). This may not be the explicit reason, but, if there are any truth to any of the iPhone 5 refresh rumors (take your pick), it would make sense for Apple to align the new hardware with the iOS 5 release (even if...
Apple is holding the new iPhone 5 hardware to launch it alongside iOS 5 and iCloud, much like they held the new MacBook Air until Mac OS X Lion was released.
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