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The Our Choice app is easily the best ebook on the iOS platform, providing a far superior experience than any e-pub book I've seen in any of the ebook readers. I was looking forward to updates to the app to incorporate new scientific findings. I too hope some other developers pick up Push Pop's abandoned baton and continue their first-rate efforts with Our Choice, as well as create other content-dedicated ebook apps. As talented as the Push Pop guys clearly are, I...
I prefer the current iPhone 4 design more than all of the others released thus far. Regardless of whatever hardware changes introduced with the next iPhone, I think Apple's "real" next big leap will be iOS 5.
No problems with the install for me.
Having more advanced options on the AEBS (or Time Capsule) may not be necessary, but would be helpful for people who don't have Mac OS X Server and want the extra control.
The Keynote Remote app's been out a while. It works great!
They asked that the apps be taken down because they scrutinized the issue to their satisfaction and reached their conclusion. Now a discussion is taking place between them and the app store curators. We'll see how it shakes out. As to your link: it's a related issue to be sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the best solution (whatever it may be) in the case of one would be the best solution in the case of the other. As Mozilla's blog notes:Very well put and easily...
I'm not naïve enough to think that any set of morals or ethics are absolutes, least of all mine. But within given cultures or societies, they generally run along similar lines. When they don't, as is sometimes the case, a good legal system should be able to find an acceptable compromise, and legislate accordingly if necessary. On that, we agree. Implying that I'm saying the Constitution was "worthless the moment the ink dried" because I pointed out that the framers...
Not total nonsense. This request of Apple does nothing to change the current laws. With the problem being as bad as it still is, maybe the laws aren't currently strict enough. If anything, things shouldn't be made easier for would-be criminals.I applaud you and your partners! This is a much more responsible solution. Hopefully people will be responsible, and humble, enough to use your app.
I don't hope any such thing, nor would Apple be doing so by removing the apps. Apple isn't doing, or even being asked to do, anything to block police departments from publishing information about the checkpoints. Apple is merely being asked to consider not providing another outlet for such information, specifically an outlet that would be accessible to the potential perpetrators while in the act of driving under the influence and thereby directly threatening the...
I think the apps are a bad idea that encourage deviant behavior that endangers lives, whether they're legal or not. I hope Apple curates its App Store responsibly and takes them down. As others have pointed out, this information is already published elsewhere. There don't need to be apps for that.
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