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I'm not too concerned with the location data bug. I just hope 4.3.3 addresses the WiFi connectivity bug frustrating some of us iPhone 4 users.
Not that I would have installed this malware when prompted, but the timing is curious. I just switched to Chrome last week and haven't been using Safari. Gotta admit, Chrome's pretty sweet so far.
Well, whenever p-Si displays make their way to iDevices, the technology sounds incredibly promising! With reduced thickness and power consumption, and integration of other components directly onto the SoG, a power-friendly, and possibly even thinner (not that it needs to be IMO), 4G/LTE iPhone finally sounds more feasible. I'll be mid-contract on my iPhone 4 this summer or fall anyway, so I won't be considering an upgrade until iPhone 6.
I'm all for a larger screen and improving the technology, but I don't believe this mockup. What would be the point of the teardrop shape?
Great idea! I hope they also allow us to configure apps to only open documents in their assigned spaces.Agreed! The folder backgrounds in iOS is better. Maybe, they'll make the Mission Control background user customizable.
True, but for those few of us who do experience problems (as some of us did with 4.3.x), it can be a pain in the ass getting back up to speed.
The unexpected problems introduced with 4.3 (and not fixed with 4.3.1) have me a little gun shy, frankly. That's why I was asking if anyone who'd had the problem could confirm whether or not 4.3.2 fixed it. If it doesn't, I'm inclined to not even bother updating for fear of something else getting screwed up. I've lost data due to problems with iOS 4.3.
Anyone know if 4.3.2 addresses the WiFi connectivity problems affecting a number of us iPhone 4 users?
Hopefully they'll release a plasma.
This issue doesn't directly affect me as I don't have a new TB-equiped MacBook, nor do I use BootCamp, but the fact that yet another update from Apple that was meant to address one issue actually introduced a new problem seems to suggest that Apple's software QC standards have slipped of late. iOS 4.3.x has evoked numerous rants from many (myself included) because of WiFi connectivity issues and loss of data. With this latest problem, I'm beginning to get a bit...
New Posts  All Forums: