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Like many users, updating to iOS 4.3 caused immediate WiFi connectivity issues with my iPhone 4. iOS 4.3.1 didn't resolve the issues, so I restored the iPhone. I first restored as new to see if that corrected the WiFi issue; it didn't. So I restored from the backup I'd just made immediately before the restore. Everything was restored except iBooks had inexplicably lost all of the book samples I'd been amassing since last summer! It'd become second nature to download a...
They'll take the iPhone and iPod touch edge-to-edge before they do this.
Thanks for this clarification. We "stock market know nothings" really appreciate it!
This is a brilliant ad by Apple. The format is long overdue. I really enjoyed the "Get a Mac" ads, but what I always felt they lacked was the simple demonstration of what people can do with Macs (i.e., everything they do with PCs, only without the headaches). I think once Lion arrives, and makes the user experience of Macs that much more similar to that of iPads, this ad campaign will expand to include iMac and MacBook spots.
Thanks! I imagine Apple didn't build this functionality into iTunes and the mobile iPod app as part of Home Sharing so they could push people toward their MobileMe cloud service, whenever it launches. With nearly 300GB of media files, I don't think I'll be uploading, especially not if Amazon's pricing is any indicator of what Apple may charge for storage. P.S. 1.2TB of music?! Good Gods! I thought I had a lot!
The wide-ranging and ever-expanding capabilities of these devices is making their functioning as phones increasingly incidental. I think a new term will be introduced before too long.
Agreed. The usage in this context seems forced and awkward at best. Actually, considering its sinister origin (and having actually been there at the time), I don't use it as a general rule. I don't use "rule of thumb" either because of its origin. But that's me.
I think we're arguing the same point regarding user expectation: consumers are attracted to cool new gear and they just want it all to work while it's the geeks who pay attention to the tech specs of all that crap. The point I was trying to make, that I guess I'm not articulating well, is that the user experiences (i.e., user interaction with) of Mac OS X and iOS are currently different (in other words, PC vs post-PC). I suspect that the road map for iOS and Mac OS X that...
The amazing success of the iPod touch, the iPhone, and (especially) the iPad, plus the halo effect from them, speaks to the contrary. I think the move to the Apple ecosystem is still a novelty for many consumers as it is ("Computers don't have to be a headache?!"). Beyond that, I think, more than anything else, consumers want their kit to work reliably while fitting their needs.
I like!
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