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  true, but that demand is likely to be..tiny.   Take 2011 Q4 numbers...5.2mill macs..yes?   Apple acknowledge that 75-80% of the computers they ship are notebooks, which is c.4mill units.   That leaves 1.2 mill units in a Quarter between 3 models..worldwide   split   600k iMac 400k Mini 200k Pro   ?   so...6000 Imacs a day..give or take.   in the grand scheme of things....a bit pathetic.   it also shows that the poor Mac sales in Q4 2012 weren't all about iMacs.   They...
  think about what you post before posting… History says that when iCon isn't at Apple then Apple fails. Even when on sick leave he was still really there as the guiding mind. He's gone now..for good. Recent successes can be attributed to products he had a major hand in, but that pipeline is now wearing out and it's up to TC,JI etc. to come up with new stuff…or do what iCon did and steal the best ideas. Market is saying that they won't/can't. I agree. Major flaws in all...
Bearing in mind the hammering the stock is taking and the money that's costing then they should be commenting.
http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2013/01/yes-apple-is-cutting-down-iphone-5-orders-and-it-isnt-giving-any-explanation/ New York Times confirms original story
Dreadful mac sales NOT explained by no iMacs. 75% of all Macs sold are notebooks.
could that not just mean that iPhone users are more stupid..?   perceived value given smartphones do effectively the same thing...?   bizarre question...questionable sanity.
I don't interact too much with the back, I was talking about the screen size, screen quality etc.
Used and owned both for Long periods of time....my opinion.
color me unsurprised...   Samsung hardware, certainly since the S2 has been far better than anything coming out of Apple for a long time...and at a far better price. (TCO)   its horrible going back to anything iphone like now....feels even more toy like.  
big shame... The CEO's were right. They are better products, they just aren't cool enough and their marketing is too truthful. They should just lie.... like 'others' do.
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