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It's so cool. Reminds me of a spaceship.
It's not in the story.   Look again.   ========   Maestri will be replacing Betsy Rafael, Apple's corporate controller and principal accounting officer, who had announced retirement in June 2012.
So what happened to Apple's current corporate controller?  Or is this a new rung on the Apple corporate ladder.
Maybe the filmmakers can get a bigger budget by using product placement with Apple. This would involve mentioning Apple a few times throughout the movie and showing an Apple product or two during the film.
    How do you pay $100 of tax on taxable income of $100,000?      Are you writing off personal expenses as business expenses?    Are you talking about $100,000 of company revenue?     Is this a C Corp or an S Corp?
60% chance of rain the day of the event.
I hadn't thought about MacMall in years. Bought from their paper catalogs all the time. Cute girl always on the cover. I wish them luck.
I'll wager that his printer is not made by Apple.
It will be a challange to take Jobs' life and narrow it down to about 2 hours. Early life 15 minutes Start Up Apple 20 minutes Meteoric rise of Apple 15 minutes Fired from Apple 10 minutes Next, Pixar, Disney years 15 minutes Return to Apple 10 minutes Family life 15 minutes Ipod, Iphone, Ipad 15 minutes Illness and death 15 minutes
New Posts  All Forums: